In this problem, we’re being asked to identify the last temperature of both the substances at thermal equilibrium.

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Recall that heat deserve to be calculatedmaking use of the following equation:


q = warm, J

+qabsorbsheat• –qlosesheat

m = mass (g)c = certain warm capacity = J/(g·°C)ΔT = Tf – Ti = (°C)

Recall that warm constantly travel from high-temperature object to lower-temperature object.

In this trouble, considering that the initial temperature of water reduced than that of the initial temperature of gold, for this reason as soon as they came in call via each various other,the warmth from the gold would transfer into the water.

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Problem Details

A 31.5 g wafer of pure gold initially at 69.7 oC is subcombined into 63.6 g of water at 27.2 oC in an insulated container.

What is the final temperature of both substances at thermal equilibrium?

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