How perform I say mom auf deutsch? Sometimes I desire to say "mom" favor I execute in english yet i am not certain if I have to usage "Mutter", "Mutti", oder "Mama." Mama sounds a little stvariety for me. Can someone describe if theres a difference between these words.

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"Mutter" is the translation of the english word "mother", "mutti" is type of an old-fashioned shortdevelop and the indistinguishable of "mum" i d say is, as you told "mama" or "mami" (even more often used by smaller kids)

Mutter is mommy. Mutti and Mama both are provided for mom. I have actually never before sassist anypoint however Mama, and also so did everybody about me, yet in some regions, Mutti is more common.

Well, "Mutter" is a pretty old expression and bacount supplied anymore in spoken language, but you should usage it in written language. "Mutti" is additionally a pretty old expression and also I wouldn't recommfinish using it as it will sound type of strange to many aboriginal Germans. "Mama" is most likely the best thing to use in spoken language and also will job-related perfectly fine in nearly eexceptionally case. (Except composed language)

"Mutti" is additionally a pretty old expression and I wouldn't recommfinish using it as it will certainly sound kind of strange to most aboriginal Germans.

Which is exciting. My mom is completely fine through "mutti" however hails from Berlin from a while back. And this is what I learned during Gerguy classes in the 1990's in the US.


Mama or Mutti if talking to her. Mutter if talking about her to strangers or human being from occupational I am not that cshed to. Mutti if talking about her via world I feel comfortable with.

I'd say that it is area dependent, in eastern Germany kind of people tfinish to say Mutti and in southerly Germany it's Mama, rest of Germany I honestly don't know.

or use the English word "mom"

God, I hate it. I suppose, I have the right to kinda accept it as soon as adolescents carry out that but I heard 30 year old guys speak to their mothers "mom"...

I'm surprised Mami hasn't come up yet. In my endure most people usage that or Mama.

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And as a dominion of thumb I'd indicate that civilization that use Mami also usage Papi and Mama/Papa.

If talking to your mother you'd pretty much constantly say Mama. When talking about your mom i think it's more widespread to describe her as Mutter (or as we would say right here "Muatta")


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