There's Lex for Alexander, Dex for Dexter,yet kingly Rex have the right to easily stand alone.

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Rex is a Latin titlular word interpretation "king," concerned regere "to save directly, overview, lead, preeminence." It is cognate with the Sanskrit raja, Gaulish rīx, Irish ri, Welsh rhi, Cornish ruy, Old English ric, and also is rebuilt as deriving from the Proto-Indo-European route *H3reg- "to straighten, to order, to dominance."

Rex is likewise a topographical surname definition "dweller by the rushes," from the West Saxon rixe, rexe, a metathesized create of the Old English risc, rysc "rush." Recks, Ricks and also Rixon are variants. 


The term Rex Romae 'King of Rome' dates ago to 753 BC when, according to legend, the first king of Rome, Romulus, founded the city. Only seven majesties reigned prior to the facility of the Romale Republic, yet the word rex stayed throughout the Republic and Realm in the title of the rex sacrorum "king of ceremony", Rome's initially priest.

In Britain, Rex has been used because the early Middle Ages to translate the word 'king' in Latin documents, and also as part of kings' insignias; coins dating from the regime of Henry II, for instance, bear the inscription HENRI REX and HENRICUS REX. As a name, but, Rex was just found as the surname Rex, Recks and also Ricks. 

Use of Rex as an initial name dates ago to the 17th century, though instances are rare. Tright here is a tiny cluster of baptisms through the name from London among the Kempton household in 1868, 1866 and also 1745, though in a lot of other records Rex was used as a middle name. In some cases, this would certainly have actually been attributed to the surname, however in others it appears to be attached via the names of emperors, such as George-Rex Warren born in 1788 and Edwardus Rex Hussy in 1819. 

It came right into more consistent in use the 1ninth century, though it was still fairly rare up till the end of the century. Birth registrations for the name in England also and Wales were as follows:

1840-9: 01850-9: 01860-9: 11870-9: 51880-9: 201890-9: 1011900-9: 3701910-9: 792 1920-9: 19481930-9: 2506 

Rex was actually even more widespread in the time of this duration as a diminutive of Reginald — presumably a play on the genitive and dative form of the Latin rex: regis and also regi — famed in the instance of British Hollyhardwood actor Rex Harrichild. This explains why tright here are even more instance of the name Rex provided on UK census documents (32 in 1891; 149 in 1901; 610 in 1911) then tright here are documents of it as a provided name in the birth documents, as numerous males called Rex were officially named Reginald. Rexford was another unwidespread variant of the name. 

According the Leslie Dunkling, in the 20th century Rex got to its peak in 1935 as soon as 6 in every 10,000 boys obtained the name. The figure dropped to 2 from 1950 to 1960, after which it dropped out of his ranmajesties, and also 1 in eexceptionally 10,00 in 1990.

From 1996 to 2004, Rex had actually a birth count of between 4 (#2425 in 1999) and 23 (#865 in 2003) in England and also Wales. It has given that been steadily rising: #711 (39 births) in 2007, #675 (45 births) in 2009 and also #501 (72 births) in 2011.   

Rex did not rank at all in Scotland from 2005 to 2008 (though Rexford was registered as soon as in 2007). It did garner 1 birth in 2009, 2 (#764) in 2010 and also 5 (#475) in 2011.

In 2012 Rex ranked #450 through 88 births in England and also Wales and also #819 via 2 births in Scotland also.

Famous Bearers:


* Rex Beach (1877–1949), American novelist, playwright, and Olympic water polo player.* Reginald "Rex" Corbett (1878–1967) was an English worldwide footballer.* Rex Stout (1886–1975), Amerideserve to author detailed for detective fiction.* Reginald "Rex" Pierkid CBE (1891–1948), English aircraft designer who was responsible for the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic non-speak.* Rex Ingram (1892–1950), Irish film director, producer, writer and also actor.* Rex Ingram (1895–1969), Amerideserve to film and also phase actor.* Reginald "Rex" Warner (1905–1986), English classicist, writer and translator.* Reginald "Rex" Whistler (1905–1944), British artist, designer and also illustrator.* Sir Reginald "Rex" Harrikid (1908–1990), British film and phase actor.* Reginald "Rex" Ingamells (1913–1955), Australian poet.


* Rex Smith (b.1955), Amerideserve to actor.* Rex Linn (b.1956), Amerihave the right to actor.

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Celebrity Babies:

* Rex Champion (b.2008), boy of Coldplay drummer Will Champion, twin to Juno.* Rex Wickham (b.2010), child of writer Madeleine Wickham "Sophie Kinsella".* Rex Rayne Wood (b.2013), child of presenter Fearne Cotton and also Jesse Wood, grandkid of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.





Possible longer forms:

 Alexander, Dexter, Reginald, Regis, Regulus, Rexford, Reynold, Xavier

Sibling Names:

 Nell     Ava     Marnie     Lyra     Alba     Belle  Leon     Mack     Everett    Jearlier     Otis    Roman

Name Lists:

 Golden Period Hollywood    Guys and also Dolls    Short and also Sweet


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