In a formal or technical context I would certainly usage "lower-case" to protect against seeming favor a young child talking about big letters and also tiny letters.

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In typography and also calligraphy the corresponding terms are majuscule and also minuscule:

See the Wikipedia enattempt on Capital letters. Minuscule also serves as the counterpart of capital.


For this analogy question, small is the word you are looking for:

uppercase : funding :: lowercase : small

small (adj): lowercase

Definition 1b of small in Merriam-Webster


Minuscule is also the word for them, although I doubt most human being would certainly understand what you were talking around.


No, tbelow is no tantamount (Like Pedi-Letter or something "Foot" connected instead of "Head" related.)

You have the complying with options

lowersituation lowerinstance letterminusculesmall letter

Although I perform not recommfinish 3 unless you are amongst typographers, nor 4 (you will certainly sound childish).

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Words is actually "uncapitalized". It is "Upper case" to "resources letter" as "lower-case" is to "uncapitalized letter".

(Uncapitalized is an adjective, so "uncapitalized word". Tbelow is no noun develop, "Uncapital" or anypoint like, as far as I understand, though "non-capital" could be intuitive in context)

Granted, it"s a little bit clunky - one factor uncapitalized letters are usually referred to as "letters" via no alteration. But when it is crucial to specify, one might end up saying something prefer "those words are actually uncapitalized", or else "when you type in that password, make sure to leave the h uncaptitalized", or "captial D, the remainder is uncapitalized".

Uncapitalized: not capitalized, such as, not created in fundings or through an initial resources. "An uncapitalized word". - From Mirriam Webster


Capitalize: to create or print in funding letters letters or via an initial funding letter. Related forms: capitalizable, adjective; capitalizer, noun; noncapitalized, adjective; uncapitalized, adjective - from