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I assumed this was absolutely brilliant on the Salvation Army’s part! People are more willing to assistance the guys and woguys that protect us, no issue what line of work they are in. And that doesn’t favor hearing bagpipes play on Christmas – there’s simply something incredibly Christmas-choose around them. While not precisely an ad, this more than likely assisted lug in even more donations for the Salvation Army.

what execute "line of occupational they are in" and "brilliant on" suppose here?andIs ad stand for "advertisement"?


A "line of work" is a person"s task or career area.

The sentence is a tiny awkward, but from the given text it appears to mean:

"No matter what type of job a perchild has, they are willing to support males & woguys who defend us"

The Salvation Military is a UNITED STATE charitable company that does most of its fund-raising about the winter holidays. Salvation Military funds generally go to aid bad children/families, so without more context it"s unexplained that the support would go explicitly to human being "who safeguard us."

Bagpipes make me think it describes police (they"re regularly watched marching/playing in parades). Was this in relation to NYPD shootings or something? Raising funds for policemen shot on duty?

Salvation Military volunteers are recognized for ringing bsteustatiushistory.orgs outside stores, and also standing alongside red buckets wright here people have the right to make donations. Perhaps instead of ringing a bsteustatiushistory.org & collecting for children they had a police bagpiper collecting for certain NYPD family members instead?

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