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The game Mortal Kombat lugged brand-new dimensions of gaming in the 90s. The gameplay, personalities, and also their skills in the time of the battles made this game more significant. After the success of the initially part, eighteen even more versions have been launched and enticed the players with their new attributes and also personalities. There are also Mortal Kombat movies and the latest one meant to air in 2021.

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Tright here are 97 characters in Mortal Kombat however in order to uncover out Which Classic Mortal Kombat Character Are You? You must click over the begin switch of the Mortal Kombat Character Quiz.



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What? You don’t recognize around the amazing characters in Mortal Kombat then don’t just sit there! Read closely and also then gain the Which Mortal Kombat 11 Character Are You Quiz.

Shao Kahn

Among the eight worlds, Shao Kahn belongs to the Outhuman being Throne. Shao Kahn is a villain and also opponent of heroes in the Mortal Kombat game yet it feels excellent to be the villain a couple of times J. He first appeared in Mortal Kombat II and also flared aacquire in the version of Mortal Kombat 11 as a bonus and special character.

The fighting tools of Shao Kahn are Spear, Wrath Hammer, Sword, and Staff. Well, being this opponent would be great as he has many of the weapons, and surprisingly, he can also absorb the souls of his opponents to gain even more power.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang is the protagonist of Mortal Kombat and a Chinese fighter that is from Earthrealm. Some could think that Kang resembles Bruce Lee as he has a bare chest and wears black pants like him along with a red headband. Kang is a martial arts champion and he likewise controls and also releases fireballs throughout fights.

His signature moves include Flying kick, Flame dragon kick, Flying dragon strike, and also others. It isn’t straightforward to win over Kang as his Krushing blows, Low fire blows, and Windmill punches are quick sufficient to kill his enemies effortlessly. Moreover, his Dark metamorphosis turns him into a darker soul that is invincible.


Nightwolf became easily accessible for the players in Mortal Kombat 3. He is a aboriginal Amerideserve to character that is from Earthrealm. His intense eyes and also enormous powers make him a strong character in the video game. Nighwolf is thought about forceful as a result of his enormous green magic and lightning manipulation. He employs his green magic to make the normal tools prefer tomahawks, bows, and also daggers to kill his rivals.

His famous moves favor Axe Swing, Tomahawk bash, and also Spirit arrow carry him victory, and also if he gets in trouble then Moonlight Reflector causes him to teleport himself behind the enemy and also he renders his final attack to win.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung is a well known antagonist in the video game and also additionally belongs to Earthrealm favor Liu Kang. Tsung is additionally an ally of Kahn and also is devious enough to defeat the heroes via his powers and abilities. You can recognize Tsung as he has lengthy babsence hair and wears robes that are blue in colour.

Tsung is always trying to find other players to kill them in order to regain his energy. As he have the right to take amethod souls leading to 33% damages to the players, he additionally has actually the ability to shape-transition into any character whom he kills. He also rules the aspect of fire and also provides skulls from fireballs; whereas, Tsung’s teleportation ability helps him to run if he is shedding the fights. Though he is a villain yet who wouldn’t prefer to date a male choose him. Hey! You can recognize what Mortal Kombat character would certainly you day with this quiz.

The Terminator

The distinct character in the Mortal Kombat 11 is The Terminator likewise recognized as T-800. This character is unique as he is being portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger having the attire very same as the movie The Terminator. T-800 wears a babsence leather jacket with black pants and also a shirt while the players deserve to readjust it by earning points in the game.

He has actually claimed as a ‘cybernetic killing machine’ as he is a cyborg who have the right to quickly take damage. He has actually the ability to use many weapons as his shotgun reasons damages to opponents well-known as Sawed Off. The Terminator slams difficult with his distinct relocate Gorilla Press Slam, while if the foe is much then the Rolling Ion Grenade can be employed to blast and reason damage.


Sindel is a female fighting character and also a villain from Edenia realm. Even from the looks, Sindel seems intimidating via gold sparkling eyes, silver skin tone, and also violet dress that depicts that she is a leader and also princess. She is stronger than her opponents have the right to even imagine, just her loud yell known as Banshee Scream stuns the foe and also she gets bonus points in addition to the opportunity to attack.

This character is taken into consideration perilous as Sindel deserve to fly, levitate, and fire purple fireballs of magic all at once to defeat. Her Queen Domicountry capacity enables her to create a purple shield for protection; whereas the Sliding foot grab is a relocate that leaves the challengers awe-struck and she makes them tap out. Not only Sindel however there are many kind of other female characters too and if you are reasoning which female mortal character are you then try the quiz.

The Joker

The world’s most well known villain, Joker is also an opponent in Mortal Kombat and also is available as a playable guest character. He looks favor the classical Batman joker via an indigo suit, green shirt, and also green hair. Kahn has actually made his team of villains and also included Joker as his front-guy in order to vanquish the heroes.

Joker kills the rivals through Joker’s Wild that is a card having steel edges, kicks represently called Sinister Heels, Bombs, and etc. Some of his tricks that reason high damages encompass the Funnyman, Batsy-Poo, Magic Trick, Krushing Blow.

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Mortal Kombat - Warner Bros

Now you have some concept that Which Mortal Kombat X character are you? But you should be 100% sure bereason we can’t take any type of possibilities, so answer and also reap the outcome of Mortal Kombat Character Quiz.