What restriction would certainly the federal government impose in a closed economy?The government would certainly prohibit trade via other nations.The government would set the prices for imported goods.The federal government would certainly maintain typical custom-mades only.The federal government would proccasion exclusive ownership of residential property.

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The restriction that the federal government would impose in a closed economy is: The federal government would certainly prohilittle profession with various other countries.
What restriction would the government impose in a closed economy? The government would certainly prohilittle bit trade with various other countries. The government would collection the prices for imported items. The government would keep typical custom-mades just. The federal government would prevent exclusive ownership of property.
The statement that finest describes a command economic situation is:The government determines financial options and also provides many decisions.
The restriction that the federal government would certainly impose in a closed economy is: The government would prohilittle profession with other countries.
Which statement best explains a command also economy? Government treatment in economic selections is strictly forbidden. The federal government determines financial selections and also renders most decisions. The decisions made by producers and also consumers drive all economic selections. Producers and consumers make some financial selections while the government makes others.
The government determines financial selections and makes a lot of decisions. - ideal describes a command economic situation.


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