Sin will take you farther than you desire to go. It will store you much longer than you desire to remain, and it will charge you even more than you want to pay. Sin won’t ask for also a lot in the beginning, but in the end, it will steal everything you’ve obtained. Many type of years earlier, I was at the house of a preacher, and also he was talking to me about his many kind of troubles. He was considering quitting on God, the minisattempt, and also going ago to his old, sinful way of life. After a long explacountry, he said, “You know, I simply can’t live for God anymore.” I looked at him and asked, “What in hell carry out you want?” He looked at me through shock and shelp, “Oh, Brother Jesse, you’re cussing!” “No,” I shelp, “I’m not cussing. That is your stinking mind. I want to understand, what in hell do you want?” He didn’t know what to say. So, I got hold of him by the wrist and also did something that most likely appeared crazy. I sassist, “Come here!” I jerked him out of his seat, walked him to the kitchen, and turned on the gas range. As the fire swarm up, I held his hand above the flame. I didn’t put his hand also in the fire, yet I made sure to host his hand also simply above it so he can feel the warmth. “Do you feel this?” I hollered, “Feel it? Do you enjoy this?” He looked at me choose I was nuts and also began trying to wiggle his hand out of my grip. I hosted him tright here for just a second or so even more and also kept asking him, “Do you like it? Does it prefer you?” Then, I released his hand and questioned him again. “Did you enjoy the flame? Did it bmuch less you?” “No!” he hollered back at me indignantly. “Well, it is warm like that that’s going to burn your entirety body for eternity if you select hell!”

A Wake-Up Call Was Needed

Now, some people might contact that crazy, but at the time, I eyed the oven and also that was the just thing that popped right into my head to do, so I did it! I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t perform that this day.I’m older and also wiser, yet this man was a friend. I cared about him. I didn’t desire the evil one to steal his life and also ministry. Bottom line, he essential a wake-up call! He had allowed discouragement to fester in his mind for so lengthy that it clouded his watch of truth. Although he kbrand-new the truth, this pastor was about to leave his church and abandon the civilization that God had actually put in his care. He was around to begin down a road that might just lead to disappointment, confusion, and misery for himself, his family members, and also his congregation. What would certainly make him give up a life of serving God?Disappointment? No. Discouragement? No. Discontentment? Not really. There is only one point that deserve to make a perchild refuse Jesus and also choose a life of sin—deception.This pastor had deceived himself into thinking that life was better without God, and also that nothing he did mattered anymore. He thought his life was useless and also his work-related was fruitless; that nobody really essential him and he didn’t need anyone else. What was the evil one dangling in front of his face? The deceptive idea that, without God, his life would certainly be basic and also trouble-totally free. The pastor taken into consideration the idea and was tempted to provide up on the entirety bevery one of wax. Now, giving up is one temptation that has hit house with just about everyone at one time or one more.

He Didn’t Understand also the Repercussions of the Choice

I’m glad the pastor trusted me enough to talk to me around what was going on. Not many kind of men are able to say, “Hey, I’m having trouble with this.” It’s an honorable man that will come clean to a friend. I admit, I deserve to be unorthodox in my method of getting a point across, but I know that the man was listening to lies from the pit of hell, and also I figured that he necessary to recognize it too! The bottom line is that this pastor didn’t understand also the effects of the alternative that he was around to make. After years of living for God, he had come to be so familiar through the points of God, so comfortable through his ho-hum Christian walk, and also so accustomed to his lifestyle that he didn’t understand also what kind of “fire” he was playing through. I honestly think that this guy needed to not just hear what I had actually to say, however he necessary to feel the warm. He essential to recognize that he was around to throw amethod a good future through both hands. He necessary a wake-up to deception, and to speak toying with a way of living that was going to steal, kill, and ruin his life. And, well, at that time of my life, I was crazy sufficient to offer him a fiery illustration that he wouldn’t shortly forget!

Reality Check: “What In Hell Do I Want?”

So, when the evil one tries to throw temptation my means, I offer myself a fact inspect and ask myself, “What in hell execute I want?! My answer is always “NOTHING!” There is nothing that the adversary hregarding market me that is much better than God! His market might look excellent, but it’s not good! The grass may be green, however it’s sitting over a drain. If it’s not from God, it have the right to seem pretty on the exterior, however it’s rotten! When temptation is knocking at the ago door, not too many type of human being want to speak for a minute and also think the situation via, but that is precisely what needs to occur. It’s the only means to speak yourself from immediately obeying an impulse. If you want to do the right thing, then it takes assumed. Crucifying your flesh daily—everyday putting down eincredibly wrong thought—instead of simply on Sunday or various other church days, keeps you on the appropriate track. The Holy bible uses the word “sanctification” to describe the state of purity we strive for. It doesn’t come by perfecting ourselves, yet it comes by allowing the perfect nature of Christ to flow via us—to live in us and also with us.

Hell Was Created for Fallen Angels

Do you know that hell was never developed for humale being? That’s why it’s such a horrific place. It was created to take care of outlaw angels. You watch, bereason we know from the Word that some angels were chained in hell for rebelling through the devil against God in Heaven, we recognize that hell was in existence lengthy prior to guy was ever developed. (See 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6.)The Holy bible says hell is a place wright here “their worm does not die and also the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 9:46-48) Jesus dubbed it a location of outer darkness, wbelow tright here is a furnace of fire.He said that in hell tright here would be good wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. (See Matthew 8:12; Matthew 13:42,50; Matthew 22:13; Matthew 24:51; Matthew 25:30; Luke 13:28.) As if that’s not negative sufficient, the place is crawling through hypocrites.

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The lord of that servant shall come in a day as soon as he looketh not for him, and also in an hour that he is not conscious of and shall reduced him asunder, and also apallude him his portion with the hypocrites: tright here shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 24:50-51) If you choose hell, you’re going to need to live tright here for eternity! That, alone, should make you say, “Aid me, Jesus!”