BrisVegas! If you’re a fan, you probably already recognize that Troye Sivan is heading your means on 23rd September (you have the right to still acquire tix below if this is news!!). If you’re coming to the gig, obtain hyped, bereason Troye Sivan has announced a costume theme for his fans to acquire around: Opulence. We’ll save you a google search by explaining what that means; money money money and also sophisticated sophisticated fancy. It’s time to dust off your fur coats and bling, and also gain all set to make it rain. But prior to you do, we’re going to offer you some outfit inspo…


Flash that cash

Opulence is all around that cash money, so outfits that are money-centric are going to pay dividends. Our first assumed here was Mackleeven more in the Thrift Shop video clip. But if you don’t have actually a lush hair coat or a slurpie machine at hand also, there are still heaps of choices for this design template. As a sidetone though, we stan recycled farshun so definitely go pop some tags at a thrift shop to gain right into this theme.

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Blinging it up is a good place to begin. If you’re in the mood for some DIY, this video deserve to help you make your own bling to include to necklaces, phone situations and also costumes. Big, dark sunnies scream out to be worn, and also they store it cool for both guys and gals. You can certainly accessoclimb with a lavish hat even if it is a little on the cheesy side – probably now is the moment to lug out that pimp hat you bought at a party shop all those years ago. Hats are likewise constantly a good shareable costume piece to acquire the squad in on the fun, so the even more eye-recording, the better!

Keep it classy

Of course, you don’t need to dress favor an emcee to display off your opulence for this theme. We love costumes that are super classy, so dress to impush and also rock your best threads! If you’re going for this angle, you’ll desire to keep it formal-ish, but you additionally need to store in mind that you will be moving and also shaking throughout the night.

Fldental trends are a good method to keep it elaborate however also a bit more dvery own to earth and also chill. In basic, bideal colours and also artistic fads are a mood for this theme, so uncover your best Gorman, Obus or Dangerarea outfit and rock it! If that’s out of the budobtain, have yourself a nice bit thrift shop minute and pop into Vinnies or Salvos. This theme is additionally a great excuse to indulge in some much essential self-care. Go acquire your nails or hair done – looking your finest starts via feeling your finest so now is the time to treat yoself!


One last thing…

Bit of a sidestone before you pop as much as Spotlight and begin going to town. Webster’s dictionary defines opulence as “abundance, profusion”, which means that you can go a tiny more out of package on this template than simply dressing to impush. This can suppose an opulence of colour, of jewellery, of layers…really the skies is the limit on this one.

We also recommfinish checking out looks from the male himself to check out what will vibe on the night.

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Troye’s fashion sense is on allude, and having actually picked this design template, he definitely knows about opulence. If you’re still feeling lost, the pics listed below must suggest you in the right direction.