1. Combination vehicles are generally heavier, longer and need even more driving skill than single commercial vehicles.True False2. More than fifty percent of truck driver deaths in crashes are the result of truck rollovers. Trucks revolve over easier when completely loaded and are:Easy to obtain turned back right. Five times even more likely to roll over in a crash than empty rigs. Ten times more likely to roll over in a crash than empty rigs.3. The complying with two things will certainly help proccasion rollovers.Keep the cargo close to the front and also drive gradually around transforms. Keep the cargo as cshed to the ground as possible and drive slowly about turns. Keep the cargo to the back of the rig and drive the speed limit.4. When you rotate unexpectedly while pulling doubles, which trailer is the majority of likely to rotate over?The rear trailer is twice as most likely to revolve over as the tractor. The front trailer is twice as likely to rotate over as the tractor. Each trailer is equally likely to turn over as is the tractor.5. Why must you not use the trailer hand also brake to straighten out a jackknifing trailer?Due to the fact that the brake manage is also hard to reach. Since the brakes on the trailer wheels reason the sboy in the initially area. Because the brakes on the trailer wheels will not respond to the hand brake.6. What is off tracking?When a car goes about a edge, the rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels. When a automobile goes roughly a edge, and the driver pulls off the road. When a auto goes approximately a curve and also transforms ago the other means.7. What is a “trailer jackknife?”When the tires on a trailer blow out. When the wheels of a trailer lock up and also the trailer swings about. When the wheels of a trailer lock up and the trailer pulls the tractor to a sheight.8. Should you swing wide to the left prior to founding a 90 degree turn?Yes No9. Why should you not use the trailer hand valve while driving?Since it won’t occupational and also the foot brake. Since you have to use the parking brake. Due to the fact that of the peril of making the trailer schild.10. Describe what the trailer air supply regulate does.It is provided to supply the trailer via air, shut the air off and also put on the trailer emergency brakes. It is a yellow, 6 sided knob offered to regulate the tractor protection valve. It is a device supplied to store the trailer behind the tractor.11. Describe what the organization line is for:To carry air to the parking brake to manage the trailer brakes. To bring air to a relay valve that enables the trailer brakes to be applied easily. To bring air to the cab of the rig to cool it.12. What are other names for the Service Air Line?Control line or signal line Straight line or regulate line Curved line or signal line13. What is the emergency air line?Air lines connecting the parking brake to the trailer brakes. Air lines that regulate the emergency brakes of the tractor. Air lines that control the emergency brakes on combination vehicles.14. What is the emergency air line for?To connect the front brakes of the tractor in situation of an emergency. To communicate the trailer brakes in case of air press loss. To have actually additional air press in instance you need it.15. Why need to you usage chocks once parking a trailer without spring brakes?Since you don’t want the trailer rolling down a hill. Since if the air press leaks amethod or dvery own, tright here will be no brakes. Due to the fact that some says call for checking of trailer wheels.

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1. A  2. C  3. B  4. A  5. B  6. A  7. B  8. B  9. C  10. A  11. B  12. A  13. C  14.

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B  15. B

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