a)students were not enabled outsideb)colleges were forced to closec)the families of student leaders were arrestedd)educators affiliated with the activity shed their jobs2.Choose the correct tense of the capitilized verb in the sentence belowI HAD ATTENDED many plays prior to, however this was the finest I"d ever before watched.a)future perfectb)pastc)past perfectd)current perfect3.Which of the following words is the finest synonym for stealth?a)covertb)darkc)publicd)soldier4.In "Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?" what execute Paul Berlin"s memories and also fantasies reveal about his family?a)They were hostile and also argumentative toward one anotherb)They were indifferent-they didn"t really treatment one method or an additional around each otherc)They were cshed and loving5. In "where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?" why can not Berlin sheight laughing at the assumed of Charming Billy dying?a)He really didn"t like Billy muchb)It was ironic that Billy would certainly die of a heart assault in warc)He discovered death more humorous than tragicNone

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The correct options are as follows:1. B.Tright here were lots of protests versus the Vietnam battle in the 1970s. The protests were carried out to show people"s opplace to the battle and the demonstration took area in different components of America. Throughout this period, students left their research studies to take part in these protests and also the institutions hregarding cshed down when they realized that students are no longer coming for lectures.2. C.A past perfect tense is a tense which shows that an action was completed at some allude in the previous before somepoint else now happen. The past perfect tense is typically developed by using the word "had" and the past participle of a verb.3. A.A synonymy is a word that have almost the very same meaning as another word. Stealth is offered to explain actions that are perdeveloped in such a way that they will not lure attention or be noticed by others. Covert suggests not to openly acunderstanding or screen something. Thus, surprise and stealth has actually similar interpretation.4. CIn the book "Where have you gone charming Billy", Paul memories and also fantasies revealed that his household was one in which the members are close and also they had actually a loving partnership through one an additional. All these memories flooded Paul"s mind in the time of the moment that he was on the battle field.5. B.Berlin discover it difficult to stop laughing bereason it discover it ironic that Billy will die of heart assault in a battle. Billy was exceptionally afrassist when he found himself on the war field. The fear was so much that he occurred a heart strike which leads to his fatality.