Previously, we looked at what Walt Disney would love around Walt Disney World. He spent so a lot of his last years trying to buy the Central Florida land that would become the Many Magical Place on Earth. One of the good tragedies of the 20th century is that he never before obtained to check out his vision brought to life.

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While Uncle Walt sucount would certainly have loved many of the features of the layout park that bears his complete name, some points would bvarious other him, as well. What would disappoint the guy that produced Miccrucial Mouse? Everyone has an opinion on the subject, and also nobody’s right or wrong on anypoint. It’s all a issue of perspective. Keeping that in mind, here are 4 aspects of Walt Disney World that I think would break Walt Disney’s heart.

Transportation and logistics


Yes, the instance is improving. After years of complaints, Disney lastly did the obvious and also added monitors via bus wait times at the resorts and significant destinations. That’s a nice step. Similarly, the brewing arrival of the gondolas will certainly minimize website traffic while adding convenience for guests of some of the a lot of crowded resorts. That also is nice.

Still, what Walt Disney would certainly wonder if he heard the entirety story is exactly what the rest of us have actually. “What took so freakin’ long???”


Disney transport hardly ever feels organized, which is remarkable for a system that has hundreds of employees. Guests wait as well long too regularly, which is why ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have actually obtained popularity in current years. How happy carry out you think Walt Disney would certainly be to see freelance motorists through GENERAL PRACTITIONERS units transporting guests more effectively than Disney’s passist staff? Heads would certainly roll.

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The erratic nature of existing transportation represents just component of the disappointment that he’d feel, though. The even more crushing component is the realization that the monorail system only exhas a tendency to 2 of 4 theme parks while ignoring both water parks and Disney Springs. Then, he’d feel absolutely demoralized that the idea of the PeopleMover never took off. Its current visibility at Magic Kingdom, while warmly welcomed by civilization choose me, is even more of a courteous tip of the cap to Uncle Walt’s wishes than a valuable means of transport. More people usage it as a nice way to obtain off their feet than admire the PeopleMover for its energy. In some alternative universe, it has actually a more necessary location in central Florida culture. In this one, it’s a relic signifying a broken dream.