Cast: Joan Blondell, William Demaremainder, Sterling Hollomethod, Sandra Gould, Howard Wright, and also Herbert Lytton

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Production Code: 2635


After having his TV resolved by an eccentric repairman (Sterling Holloway), cab driver Joe Britt (William Demarest) sees a devastating future for himself on the display screen. Disturbed by his potential function in the murder of his wife Phyllis (Joan Blondell),

Joe tries to avert the scenario presented on his tv set—via a horrifying twist.

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A nihilistic remake of “A Most Unusual Camera,” this episode might evoke criticism for its recycled premise and mean-spirited execution. “What’s in the Box” does, but, benefit from the performances of Joan Blondell, William Demarest, and also Sterling Holloway (known for voicing Winnie the Pooh).


In spite of his unpleasant personality, Joe Britt may earn sympathy as a result of the uncontrolled nature of his circumstances. Specifically, Joe goes out of his method to make amends via his wife, provide up his philandering ways, and prevent himself from murdering Phyllis in a fit of rage—actions that ironically lead to the incredibly outcome that Joe wishes to protect against.


“What’s in the Box” is marred by cruel, unlikable personalities whose consistent screaming, taunting, and bickering border on excessive. Phyllis, for example,

takes remarkable pleasure in mocking and also belittling her husband, even spurning his attempt to reconcile after twenty-seven years of marital dispute. Though much less obnoxious than Phyllis, Joe additionally stops working to treat his spouse via love, respect, and compassion, rather resorting to vicious threats and also violent behavior when provoked. Viewers might therefore struggle to relate with both Joe and also Phyllis, who behave actually favor savages as soon as communicating with each various other.


Exploring just how conformist choices can cause good unhappiness, this episode reveals the dark side of work-related and marriage life in the early 1960s—regularly thought about an idyllic period in Amerihave the right to history.

Concluding Comments

Combining temporal anomalies with domestic chaos, “What’s in the Box” has all the ingredients of a timeless science fiction item. Fans of The Twilight Zone may neverthemuch less take worry through this offering, which suffers from a nasty, malicious tone throughout.

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Overall Quality: 6/10

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