To lug on; to preserve. To affirm, uphold or give, as as soon as an appellate court sustains the decision of a lower court. To grant, as as soon as a judge sustains an objection to testimony or proof, he or she agrees with the objection and also provides it effect.

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v. in trial exercise, for a judge to agree that a question asked of a witness is objectionable. Therefore, an attorney asks the witness a question, and also the opposing lawyer objects, saying the question is "irpertinent, immaterial and inexperienced," "leading," "argumentative," or some various other objection. If the judge agrees he/she will ascendancy "sustained," meaning the objection is sustained (approved) and also the question cannot be asked or answered. However, if the judge finds the question correct, he/she will certainly "over-rule" the objection.

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And as the Spirit of creation, the Spirit has been defined as the breath of God that indwells and also sustains the cosmos.
The Sustain product line has all Fair Trade, natural latex prophylactics, organic lubricants, organic cotton tampons, pads, and also liners, and also period underwear.
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In this case, the within- transmission rate is as well low to sustain the pathogen ( 0).
Faculty deserve to proceed to strive to make aspiring musicians conscious that it takes even more than talent and also practice to create and sustain a career.
Regular CIS bulletins keep the area updated on brand-new advancements in cancer and resources opportunities to sustain their programs.
The budobtain prior to you will certainly sustain these gains and continue our indevelopment innovation modernization initiative.
Effective autonomous participation requires that individuals not just feel they are part of the culture that sustains them however that they understand also the social, economic, and technical problems being discussed, which brings us back to education and learning.
of a zoning board have to be sustained upon judicial evaluation if it has a rational basis and is supported by substantial evidence (citation omitted)."
The leadership of the Empush Charlotte revived an essential role for elite womales in beneficence, one that her successors would sustain. Undoubtedly, attention to problems of sex is wstove seamlessly throughout this st udy.
"Six Sigma connects the voice of the customer to the organization, helping to sustain the company"s permanent success in its marketplace."
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But those findings aren"t sufficient to offer marital relationship to a lot of the public or to sustain those whose marrieras are on the rocks.

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