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"Once I began taking Evan’s advice seriously, it took me 6 months to find the “one.” You have the right to too!"In 2014, I was 67 years old and also planning to retire to a brand-new neighborhood in the isolated region of the Adirondacks. Although I was used to living in small communities, I was always close to bigger cities. My brand-new home would have actually a populace of 1,200 with the closest city of 19,000 an hour away. “Oh, no!” I thought. “I bet there’s more than likely one eligible man per ten square miles up tbelow in the North Country!” Still, living in this tvery own was a part of my commitment to be near my grandyoungsters and also a component of their resides in my retirement. Could I fit a man into this life? Could I even discover him?I started dating online to uncover out. I was still functioning and living four hrs amethod when I went onto my first dating website and posted my profile in the area I was moving to. Once a month I went to for several days and invested about 6 weeks that summer in my new digs. I had corresponded via a couple of men and saw them on visits north. Over the summer, I invested some extfinished time through one male and thought something might come of it. By autumn, but, I realized this wasn’t going to occupational and broke it off through him. I didn’t execute an extremely good task of it and found I wasn’t good at “breaking up!” “I wish I kbrand-new how to break up nicely," I pondered. So, I did what everyone does when they have a question — I googled it! Up popped Evan’s website and the rest is background.FULL LOVE STORY



"Blake are now engaged! Thanks for all your help and support in finding myself, and bereason of that, him."I signed up for Love U in a minute of sheer desperation — being exhausted of being single, being tired of understanding I was doing somepoint wrong and no one to tell me what it is. You constantly did tell it like it is. I need to say say thanks to you for believing in me, and also giving me confidence I didn’t understand I had. Thank you for seeing that tbelow was something to be seen in me, that I didn’t also know existed.How bad did the doormat thing get? So poor. I was living under his roof, and made eextremely meal. Never repetitive a food selection item in the 6 weeks we lived together, which was after a year of being together. A year wbelow he was still cost-free to meet various other womales. 6 weeks of living together wright here occasionally he didn’t come residence. “Gone to Vienna, be earlier later” And sometimes I could sleep in his bed and also periodically I couldn’t. That wasn’t also the finish of it, however those were things I did and completely believed were ok at the time. That is reduced than low.FULL LOVE STORY



"I"m in an remarkable marriage with a really wonderful man. Easily the best and also a lot of healthy and balanced connection of my life. And I"m happy. Really happy."I joined Love U for two reasons. One, I had actually ended up on Evan"s email list and also a number of of his emails literally seemed choose they were talking straight to me. I constantly thought I was excellent at dating, bereason I could gain days. But if dating were basesphere, I"m the girl that always gained base hits and acquired tagged out before she obtained an actual run. The second reason I joined is bereason I"ve had expensive success through fitness coaching, life coaching, why wouldn"t I execute partnership coaching? Bad partnership options have cost me a lot even more personally and also periodically financially than I"ll ever before spfinish on coachingI didn"t really also recognize what I didn"t understand as soon as it came to dating. I kbrand-new that doing the same things I was doing would certainly obtain me the same results, and also I absolutely wasn"t happy through those. I wanted to know what I was doing that wasn"t effective and also what points I can readjust to be even more successful. I didn"t want just ANY connection. I wanted a really excellent one.FULL LOVE STORY


Bonnie K.

"It"s amazing to have a true partner in life. I feel choose I hit the jackpot!"I got engaged last week! I gotta admit it"s been a loooong road to this. Honestly, tright here were times wright here I really believed I may never before discover someone. Then felt stupid for thinking that and also told myself my life is excellent in so many kind of various other means. I hated it that quote that went somepoint like - "you"ll realize why all the others didn"t work-related out when you meet the one." Well currently I understand, choose REALLY recognize. My goodness, thank god you"re in this business to help women find this perkid. Thank god you never before provide up.FULL LOVE STORY



"Right currently, I’m on my honeymoon in the Maldives with the male of my desires, thanks to your job-related."Hi Evan. I am creating to provide you yet another success story from your coaching. I started analysis your blog earlier in 2010, and complied with your advice religiously. It took a while (prefer 2 years!) however I ultimately began using your advice to my dating life. I kbrand-new it was working once I was dating a man that various other woguys were chasing, yet he was pressing me for commitment. I didn"t think he was the one so I reduced bait, however it was so EMPOWERING to be the one who made that option vs the various other way roughly.FULL LOVE STORY



"This week, I acquired a proposal and a beautiful ring - we"ll obtain married later following year."“A few years ago, when I was first presented to Evan, I was feeling increasingly frustrated via my dating life. After divorcing an emotionally unavailable man after 23 years of marital relationship I had actually two tough, long term relationships via males that were not stepping up and I had actually gained provided to being treated badly.I’d had some challenging family members situations to attend to as a single mommy of three twenty somepoints and Evan offered me through my first ‘Aha’ minute which was when he told me ‘You’ve been a great mom to your children, and also a great daughter to your elderly mom but who’s been tbelow for you Christine?’ This actually made me cry – I had actually been the ‘go to’ perkid for my children and the guys I was dating were narcissists that had me hooked however were not good guys.FULL LOVE STORY


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"I followed your advice to a T, started virtual dating diligently, and met my husband after only meeting 4 guys digital."I"m a happily married woguy that discovered my husband also applying all your advice and tips. Five years back, I was so frustrated with love and also dating, I started reading your blog in wishes of finding out something around guys. Boy, did I learn something! I went ahead and bought your book "Why He Disappeared" and also review every single among your emails. I also review your blog diligently in search of answers and understanding.FULL LOVE STORY


"I started adhering to your advice prefer adhering to a recipe for the perfect crème brûlée...And I"m happy to report that 6 months back I married my ideal friend!"After analysis your blog, listening to your audios, analysis your publications & watching your videos, it lastly dawned on me! I realized that in order to discover the "right" perkid, I had to be the "right" person and also what that intended was that I had to readjust all my long-organized ideas around what love was supposed to look & feel prefer. All the chemistry and common interests were obtaining me nowhere near my goal of finding "the one".To my expertise, I had approximately 1400 matches on eHarmony. Can you imagine? It felt prefer a component time job! Sometimes after repetitive disappointments I would certainly log on just to clear the inbox bereason I was just worn down of the exact same results.FULL LOVE STORY