2) When compared to exadjust systems that rely on money, disbenefits of the barter device include:

A) the necessity of a dual coincidence of wants.

You are watching: When compared to exchange systems that rely on money, disadvantages of the barter system include:

B) lowering the price of exaltering items over time.

C) lowering the expense of exchange to those that would specialize.

D) encouraging specialization and the division of labor.

3) The convariation of a barter economic climate to one that uses money

A) increases performance by reducing the should exadjust products and services.

B) increases effectiveness by reducing the should specialize.

C) rises performance by reducing transactions expenses.

D) does not rise economic efficiency.

Jan 13 2021 08:59 AM

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Subhrata R answered on January 15, 2021
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1. Contrasted to an economic situation that offers a medium of exadjust, in a barter economic climate transaction prices are higher. Option A is correct. 2. When compared to exreadjust units that count on money, disbenefits of the barter device encompass the need of a double...
cidence of wants.. Option A is correct. 3. The convariation of a barter economic situation to one that provides money boosts efficiency by reducing transactions prices. Option C is correct.
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