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Berkeley, California

This tvery own is located northeastern of San Francisco throughout San Francisco Bay and is wright here the novel begins.

Evacuation Order No. 19

This is the title of the signs the mom sees all over the town of Berkeley that prompt her to go home and also begin packing. The order says that all Japanese have to report to a Civil Control Station on a mentioned date.

Tanforan Racetrack

This horseracing track located southern of San Francisco, The golden state held Japanese-Americans prior to they were sent out to various other internment camps. The mother, daughter, and son are hosted there for four and a half months.

Lordsburg, New Mexico

In this tvery own in southwestern New Mexico the UNITED STATE Army operated an internment camp for Japanese -Americans and recorded Germale and Italian soldiers. The father in this novel is organized there, and also he often sends letters and also postcards from this place.

Delta, Utah


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