“Ben” is a song lyrically written by Don Black (music by Wchange Scharf) around the topic – a boy and his pet rat – of the 1972 film Ben for its soundtrack. It was originally… Read More 
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Ben, the two of us require look no moreWe both found what we were looking forWith a friend to contact my ownI'll never be aloneAnd you my frifinish will seeYou've acquired a frifinish in me(You've gained a friend in me)Ben, you are always running right here and there(Here and also there)You feel you're not wanted anywhere(Anywhere)If you ever look behindAnd don't choose what you findThere's somepoint you must knowYou've gained a location to go(You've obtained a location to go)I supplied to say "I" and also "me"Now it's "us", currently it's "we"(I used to say "I" and also "me")(Now it's "us", now it's "we")
Ben, most people would certainly turn you amethod (Turn you away)I don't listen to a word they say (A word they say)They don't see you as I doI wish they would certainly attempt toI am certain they'd think againIf they had a frifinish like Ben(A friend)Like Ben(Like Ben)Like Ben
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“Ben” is a song lyrically composed by Don Black (music by Wchange Scharf) around the topic – a boy and his pet rat – of the 1972 film Ben for its soundtrack. It was originally intended for Donny Osmond, but because he was on tour at the moment the song was instead videotaped by a 14 year old Michael Jackkid, only a couple of months older than Osmond. It was the first of many type of solo #1 songs for the future King of Pop – and his second album was entitled after the song. It came to be the only single to come from that album.

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“Ben” won a Golden Globe Award for Best Initial Song, and also lost in the same category at the 1973 Oscars – a ceremony Jackkid performed the song at. It ended up being a live favorite early in Jackson’s career, and a rendition was had on his compilation album Number Ones.

Osmond would certainly later on be quoted in the Huffington Blog post around the song:

Well, ”Ben” was created for me.

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Michael and also I would talk about this all the moment. It’s funny, bereason we eventually ended up laughing at this one. I will never forget, we continued to be up to prefer 2 in the morning, laughing around the reality that I had a hit around a puppy and also he had a hit about a rat.