Fortnite’s latest limited-time occasion gives players plenty of Batman-based obstacles, obtainable till October 1st at 2pm BST (9am EST, 6am PT). One of these obstacles calls for you to activate Bat Signals approximately the map. You’ll must grab 3 of them to finish the obstacle, yet there are a whole bunch even more scattered about the area.We’ve put together a overview for wbelow to find these Bat Signals. For finding 3, you’ll win 10 Battle Stars to progress your Battle Pass.

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Wright here to discover Bat Signals in Fortnite

We’ve circled on the map each of the Bat Signals, so take your pick and also drop there to find them!


Fatal Fields

You’ll discover a Bat Signal between Fatal Fields and also Salty Springs atop among the hills. Here’s the map place for your convenience.


Happy Hamlet

On the roof of the building north-west of Happy Hamlet there’s a Bat Signal to activate. It’s just at the finish of the glass component of the roof.


Haunted Hills

You guessed it, at the highest possible allude close to Haunted Hills, you’ll uncover yourself a Bat Signal. It overlooks the build-up location, so isn’t as well tough to find.


Junk Junction

The Bat Signal right here is situated on the babsence roof in the middle of Junk Junction.


Lazy Lagoon

On a little elevated hillock overlooking the lagoon you’ll uncover a Bat Signal. We’ve acquired a map picture of the location below.


Lucky Landing

Just north of the Lucky Landing building on a hill, beside a small hut, one more Bat Signal awaits.


Moisty Palms

Drop onto the north-west edge of the building complicated to the west of the primary Moisty Palms location. Tright here, you’ll find one more Bat Signal.


Pleasant Park

There’s a big hill simply to the south-east of Pleasant Park, the peak of which hosts a Bat Signal.

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Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores has actually a huge hill north-eastern of the main location. Around a group of three rocks at the optimal of this is the Bat Signal you’re trying to find.


Our friends at Game Clips and Tips put together this video guide as well, if you"re struggling to pinpoint the Bat Signals" locations!