Matted Hair 1 Week to 36 Months Set of Take Down Remover Detangler Take Down RRP $449.00 Now $269.40 You Save $179.60!!
Matted Hair 1 Week to 36 Months Set of Take Dvery own Remover Synopsis

If your hair has been severely matted and tangled for 1 week to 36 months. This is the promotion pack you have to effectively untangle your hair. Luke 1:37It incluldes 1 free bottle of the Take Dvery own Remover Detangler and free shipping. Call 1-206-600-3036 for expert detangle hair services.This is a 2 load collection of the Take Dvery own Remover Cream. The product is a Super Detangler product that have the right to conserve your sevedepend matted tangled knotty dreadlock hair.

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 The product removes and detangles all types of very matted tangled hair textures, matted knots, tangled knots, matted hair to scalp, matted dreadlocks, dreadlocks, braids, extensions, twists, and also weave hairstyles.

2 bouteilles d’crème démêlante pour démêler les cheveux emmêler. 

*********************************************************TD Remover (Take Down Remover Cream) is a Super Hair Detangler for conserving hair. Should be provided through any kind of of our detangle removal videos and also detangle combs. There are additionally many type of difficulties that occur through detangling matted tangled hair, rerelocating dreadlocks, hair extensions or braided hairlayouts. Some of these troubles have actually been so severe- (i.e. hair loss and also breakage) that many type of world never before desire to suffer having actually there hair twisted, braided, or locked (temporarily) ever aobtain.  Take Dvery own was developed to ease this large customer problem. Take Down have to be used to prevent hair tangling and breakage. Many type of times hair deserve to become dry and matted together. TD Remover have the right to be a relief from the pain of combing out knots and clumps of tangled hair once you have actually taken out the dreadlocks, hair extensions or braids. It penetprices throughout the hair and also softens the hair as you comb via it. Take Dvery own Remover have the right to also help"s to take out excess bondage glue or keratin fusion hair glue.SHIPPING RATES By Order Amount   Standard USA - $20.00 to $61.00 $11.85Standard USA - $61.01 to $130.00 $23.99Standard USA - $130.01 to $265.00 $46.89Standard USA - $265.01 to $675.00 $75.99Standard USA - $675.01 to $1,005.00 $119.79USA Priority Ground - $0.00 to $45.00 $25.00USA Priority Ground - $45.01 to $65.00 $37.00USA Priority Ground - $65.01 to $85.00 $57.00USA Priority Ground - $85.01 to $120.00 $76.84USA Priority - $120.01 to $375.00 $109.75USA Priority - $375.01 to $575.00 $145.00Expush USA - $0.00 to $100.00 $45.00Express USA - $100.01 to $300.00 $120.00Expush USA - $300.01 to $500.00 $275.00International Shipping - $20.00 to $61.00 $28.99International Shipping - $61.01 to $136.00 $45.00Internationwide Shipping - $136.01 to $266.00 $67.00International Shipping - $266.01 to $675.00 $89.00Expush International Shipping - $20.00 to $61.00 $60.00Expush International Shipping - $61.01 to $136.00 $80.00Expush International Shipping - $136.01 to $270.00 $115.00  STANDARD SHIPPING- USA -14-21 days,Standard Internationwide 20-27 daysPRIORITY SHIPPING- USA 7-10 days EXPRESS SHIPPING- USA 1-7 days, Expush Internationwide 7-14 days **********************************************************************We appreciate your business 
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