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The College Blue Book is a comprehensive overview spanning almost 12,000 institutions of better finding out, work-related and also technical colleges, and distance learning programs. The College Blue Book likewise features information on obtaining financial assistance for pursuing postadditional education.

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The College Blue Publication Series

THE COLLEGE BLUE BOOK is a comprehensive guide spanning even more than 11,800 institutions of higher finding out, occupational and also technical institutions, and also distance learning programs. THE COLLEGE BLUE BOOK additionally functions information on obtaining financial assistance for pursuing postsecond education.

 In Volumes 1-2, almost 4,200 establishments of greater education and learning, in both the United States and Canada, are explained, consisting of universities, senior colleges, two-year colleges, and specialized institutions; information is offered in both simple to-read pclimbed descriptions and as condensed tabular data. Includes indevelopment on at an early stage decision and early activity figures; ACT and SAT essay requirements; SAT deadlines; and also numbers on wait-listed applicants. Volume 3: A listing of all the degrees offered by the establishments listed in volumes 1 and also 2, indexed first by colleges/colleges, and further by subject location. Volume 4: Occupational Education lists even more than 6,400 institutions in the USA and Canada that administer job-related training, providing such information as cost of tuition, current enrollment, variety of faculty, and curricula. Volume 5: Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants & Loans gives an extensive listing of more than 6,000 financial help sources, and includes useful information such as scholarship objective, amount, application procedures, and also deadline. Volume 6: Distance Learning provides essential facts and also overviews of nearly 1,000 institutions offering distance discovering programs.
New indevelopment in quantities 4 and 5 includes: 200 brand-new Occupational education and learning listings in Vol. 4 and 200 brand-new sources for financial aid in Vol. 5. The Occupational Education volume now contains Canadian colleges.

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Volume 1: Narrative Descriptions.Preface.Introduction.Narrative Descriptions.UNITED STATE Colleges (provided by state).UNITED STATE Territories.Canadian Colleges (detailed by province).Index of UNITED STATE Colleges.Index of Canadian Colleges.Volume 2: Tabular Data.Preconfront.Introduction.Tabular File.Acronyms.Abbreviations.U.S. Colleges (detailed by state).U.S. Territories.Canadian Colleges (detailed by province).Index of Intercollegiate Athletics.Index of Professional Accreditations.Index of UNITED STATE Colleges.Index of Canadian Colleges.Volume 3: Degrees Offered by College and Subject.Preface.Overview.Degrees Offered by College and also Subject.Abbreviations.Part I: DEGREES OFFERED BY COLLEGE.U.S. Colleges (detailed by state).U.S. Territories.Canadian Colleges (noted by province).Part II: DEGREES OFFERED BY SUBJECT.Index of UNITED STATE Colleges.Index of Canadian Colleges.Volume 4: Occupational Education.Prechallenge.Introduction.Acronyms.UNITED STATE Schools (noted by state).Canadian Schools (listed by province)Curricula and Areas of Instruction.Index of U.S. Occupational Education SchoolsIndex of Canadian Occupational Education Schools.Volume 5: Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans.Preface.Overview.General.Area Studies.Environpsychological Studies.Humanities.Life Sciences.Medical Sciences.Physical Sciences.Social Sciences.Technology.Subject Index.Level of Education Index.Sponsoring Organization Index.Title of Awards Index.Volume 6: Distance Learning.How to Use This Guide.What Is Distance Learning?Is Distance Learning Right For You? What Can You Study Via Distance Learning? Who Offers Distance Education? Selecting a Good Distance Learning Program.Taking Standardized Adobjectives Tests.Applying for Admission to Degree Programs.Paying For Your Education.Succeeding as a Distance Learner.More Resources.Glossary.Institution Profiles.Institutions Offering Degree and also Certificate Programs Index.Non-Degree-Related Course Subject Areas Index.Geographical Listing of Distance Learning Programs Index.