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Enslaved persons on a West Indian plantation being freed following passage of the Slaextremely Abolition Act (1833).

Competition via France

British military and naval power, under the leadership of such males as Robert Clive, James Wolfe, and also Eyre Coote, obtained for Britain two of the a lot of crucial components of its empire—Canada and also India. Fighting in between the British and also French swarms in The United States and Canada was endemic in the initially half of the 18th century, however the Treaty of Paris of 1763, which finished the Salso Years’ War (known as the French and also Indian War in North America), left Britain dominant in Canada. In India, the East India Company kind of was confronted by the French Compagnie des Indes, but Robert Clive’s armed forces victories against the French and the rulers of Bengal in the 1750s offered the British with a massive accession of area and also ensured their future prominence in India.


James Wolfe
James Wolfe, painting attributed to J.S.C. Schaak; in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London

The loss of Britain’s 13 Amerideserve to colonies in 1776–83 was compensated by new settlements in Australia from 1788 and by the spectacular growth of Upper Canada (now Ontario) after the emigration of loyalists from what had end up being the USA. The Napoleonic Wars provided better enhancements to the empire; the Treaty of Amiens (1802) made Trinidad and also Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) officially British, and in the Treaty of Paris (1814) France delivered Tobearlier, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, and Malta. Malacca joined the empire in 1795, and Sir Stamford Raffles got Singapore in 1819. Canadian negotiations in Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia extfinished British influence to the Pacific, while further British occupations in India carried in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh and the Central Provinces, East Bengal, and Assam.