This classic guidebook, with over 100 fully illustrated activities, details everything from paper airplanes to spool tanks to slingshotsteaching children to not only entertain themselves for a minute or two, but a life time.

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Promoting free-selection creativity, hand-operated ingenuity, and independent play, Robert Smith’s timemuch less task guide reminds parents and also youngsters achoose that making one’s very own fun is the best means to prevent boredom. With easy-to-follow, shown directions to hacking family members objects into playthings and also making use of nature to develop mischievous contraptions, this is a handbook that inspires artistic play. From indoor boomerangs, pin pianos, umbrella bow and arrows, peach pit turtles, and also clamshell bracelets to quirky, prank-prepared contraptions, the wide variety of engaging activities offers an excellent alternative to display screen time, cultivating independent reasoning and also joyful curiosity, and a higher appreciation for the easy things in life—both indoor and outdoor. Charming, motivating, and also loads of fun, this spirited book will administer endless enjoyment for children and also parental fees afavor.

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Robert Paul Smith

Robert Paul Smith is the writer of the best-selling Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nopoint.

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and of the novels So It Doesn’t WhistleThe JourneyBecause of My Love, and The Time and also the Place. Smith was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, and graduated from Columbia College in 1936. He worked as a writer via CBS Radio.


“Eexceptionally great book reminds us that we’re all alone in the people. At leastern this one offers us through the implies to entertain ourselves while we’re right here.”

—Lemony Snicket

“A celebration of equipments and also hackers from half a century before they were called machines and also hackers. How to Do Nopoint via Nobody All Alone by Yourself is a treat in its totality.”

—Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

“It’s what you’d get if you crossed the Boy Scout Handbook through The Anarchist’s Cookbook, and it’s definitely the wildest how-to hand-operated I’ve seen this year.”

—Greg Cowles, The New York Times Paper Cuts

“Had I recognized about it, Robert Paul Smith’s 1958 book, How to Do Nopoint with Nobody All Alone by Yourself, would certainly have actually been my Scriptures. Smith gets dvery own to the nitty-gritty on the first page: ‘These are things you can execute by yourself,’ he writes. ‘You don’t need any assist from your mom or your father or anybody."”

—the Star Tribune

“This timeless 1958 guide reintroduces kids to those organic urges that have to rotate random objects into crazy good stuff…Readers will certainly love that everything in this book was designed by kids and also passed alengthy by kids, that nopoint prices money and that each of the jobs is a seat-of-the-pants development.”

—Where the Best Books Are!

“What a joy to give youngsters somepoint they have the right to do without ‘hollering for help’…How to Do Nopoint with Nobody All Alone by Yourself is replete via the type of fun that childhood must be, and also as well rarely is.”