People come and also civilization go in New Orleans. People are always coming into town to film movies and also primarily take ameans all your parking when they film on your street. When I initially moved down below it wasn't unusual to hear that Kim Kardashian was visiting for the weekfinish. Of course at the moment she was dating Reggie Shrub. My, just how points deserve to change in a short amount of time (I kinda miss out on you Reggie!). And means earlier once I first came to New Orleans on a household vacation to the French Quarter, Trent Reznor and Anne Rice both lived in the Garden District; however they have actually considering that moved on.

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These days, we have actually a new influx of famous world along with the ones who are permanently wstove right into the fabric of this excellent city, and they're not going almost everywhere. And if you live in New Orleans, chances are you've run into a couple of famous human being. This is somepoint that captured me off guard at first because I'd check out someone I'd recognize and also I'd think I was losing it. You just don't watch many renowned actors or musicians hanging out in Columbus (except that one Eric Clapton incident), so I wasn't offered to it. A few months ago I was preventing by the Walgreens on St. Claude to accomplish a cocoa ice cream resolve and swore I witnessed Tim Robbins walking down the aisles on his phone, talking heatedly as he picked up a six-fill of somepoint. I was favor, "Hey! It's my friend Andy Dufresne! What's goin' on Andy?"

But I didn't think he'd appreciate that on a Tuesday night at a Walgreens on St. Claude… the guy probably just wanted to get in and out. And I likewise couldn't be certain that it was really him. I expect, what famed people go to Walgreens? Lame well known human being, that's who.


A week after the Andy Dufresne occurrence I was grabbing a pint via my pal Elizabeth and also she casually stated that she'd watched Tim Robbins riding a bicycle around the Bywater and that he had simply happened to direct an episode of Treme. I thought … wow, that must have actually been him. Good ol' Tim Robbins.

I've run into a couple of various other well known civilization along the method. There were fun times (and also by fun times I mean staring at them without saying a word) with Jaboy Segel and Kellan Lutz. I experienced Jason Segal at Lucy's and also tried to offer off a vibe that said, I love your work… marry me? But it didn't job-related.


Kellan Lutz (for all those fangirls on Team Emmet) is among those sparklepires in some sort of movie "saga" that everyone loves so much. My friends and also I spotted him at Markey's … he was there gaining crumelted at shuffle board after a tough days job-related via the St. Bernard Project.

The just various other famed perboy I even remotely brushed elbows via in New Orleans was Matthew McConaughey. I experienced him walking his bike dvery own Magazine St while I was out shopping for Christmas presents. I was looking at somepoint in a home window and also witnessed him mosey on by talking to some various other fella in his Texas drawl… and the just point I can think was this was definitely the voice that shelp, "All ideal, all appropriate, all right" in Dazed and Confused. I'm ashamed to say it, however I was dumbstruck.

So anyway, below are my peak 5 famous world in New Orleans. I hope to meet them at some point. And I hope to have something intelligent to say instead of just staring at them with my tongue tied and also making them feel uncomfortable.

5. Sandra Bullock.


America's Sweetheart. God bless her. I've always loved this girl and I think that privately, among my favorite movies of all time is While You Were Sleeping. It's so cute! She additionally appears very down-to-earth and also cool and also her child Louie is means adorable. And I really hope she ends up via that cute-as-a-switch Ryan Renyolds. (Yes, I check out means too a lot on-line gossip.)

4. Drew Brees


He's the present neighborhood messiah. I follow him on Twitter and the guy just sounds favor one of the nicest and smartest civilization on the planet. I've never ever before heard anyone say anypoint poor around the male. I expect, what is tright here to say? Nothing. He's perfect. I bet that if you took him out to Lake Pontchartrain, he'd have the ability to walk throughout it.

3. Brad Pitt


I prefer Chewbacca Brad Pitt. I think this is his best look.

I had sort of grvery own worn down of Brad Pitt. I was exhausted of seeing his confront plastered about magazines while I stand also behind some woguy making 10 various transactions at Walmart. He's one of those actors that is simply also damn significant for his britches. But in all honestly, whenever before I watch his interviews, I see a very grounded and laid-earlier perkid talking … so probably the tabloid point isn't all his fault. And I'll tell you what… I extremely took pleasure in Moneyball, the guy still looks absolutely gorgeous. And of course, you can't foracquire his humanitarianism. His "Make it Right" structure. He genuinely seems like he's trying to make a distinction. He's cool.

2. John Goodman


I've never seen him roughly, however my frifinish Liz has actually while he was hanging out at Whole Foods, which is an excellent thing. He's trying to stay healthy and also he looks great! I think that one of the coolest perks to being rich should be being able to perform your grocery shopping at Whole Foods choose it was nopoint. I aspire to this. I don't care around buying massive homes or fancy cars … I simply want to shop at Whole Foods and not worry about them taking my "Whole Paycheck". I desire to buy a bottle of bee pollen for $20 and also not flinch. Anyways, about John Goodguy. He appears prefer an excellent man and I loved his character on Treme. He was awesome on there and he really damaged my heart. And who doesn't love The Big Lebowski? Or Dan Conner?

1. Nic Cage


What can you say about Nic Cage? Other than that he's type of a weirperform. Have you seen Bad Leutenient: Port of Call New Orleans? My fiancé put it on one night and I stared at the TV completely mystified, reasoning … is this for real? This can't be for real! But I couldn't look amethod.

He's just so interesting (i.e., crazy) and also it appears like if you talk to any kind of of the bartenders roughly below, they all have a story about him. Every single one.

He bought the oldLaLaurie Housage in the Quarter yet he didn't live there… he just "entertained" there. Could you imagine having so many type of houses that you just usage some of them for entertaining purposes?

But he didn't own it for long because it went into foreclocertain. I'm sure that his money problems have to have something to execute via the reality that he never before transforms down movie roles. Like … Drive Angry 3D? Season of the Witch? The list goes on and on. Doesn't issue how bad the script is, Nic Cage will certainly make the movie!

And it seems prefer whenever he's in town, hilarity ensues… a few months earlier he obtained kicked out of Stella! (one the of ideal and most expensive restaurants in the city) and proceeded to shatter their front window.

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And after readingthis story about just how Nic Cage tried to hit on a couple of girls in the Quarter by saying things favor, "You're a contender!" and "You're not!" we save hoping to view him when we're out for a night on the town. We'll say, "Hey, I bet we see Nic Cage tonight and also he tells us we're contenders – but just if we're really lucky!!"

So that are your favorite well known world in New Orleans? Any exciting brushes through celebrities? Anyone have actually a funny Nic Cage story? I know tbelow are probably numerous you out there. I'd love to hear some.