The Los Santos International Hangar is just one of the Vehicle Storage properties that deserve to be purchased in the Story Mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

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It"s located in Los Santos International Airport, South Los Santos.

How to buy the Los Santos International Hangar in GTA V:

The Los Santos Internationwide Hangar have the right to be purchased for a price of $1,378,600 by approaching the "On Sale" authorize close to the home.

It have the right to be owned by Michael or Franklin.

Los Santos Internationwide Hangar Income & Benefits:

Acquiring this home permits airplanes and vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry to be stored right here. Grants Michael and also Franklin clearance to enter the airport"s tarmac, no longer attracting a wanted level.

Property Information

Property TypeVehicle StorageLocationLos Santos International AirportState / AreaSouth Los SantosStory Setting Price$1,378,600Can be Owned byMichaelFranklin
Los Santos Golf Club
LSPD Auto Impound

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Los Santos Internationwide Hangar
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