I"m enduring huge cellular reception worries after upgrading from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. All from drop outs in calls, various other end cannot hear me, and also general incredibly bad reception on areas where I had excellent reception through my iPhone 5 and also the same carrier/sim card.

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I have tried all the software application things:

New sim cardLock it to 3GReset netjob-related settings

So I may think that tbelow is some difficulties via the hardware antennas. Does anyone recognize where the actual cellular antenna(s) is located on the iPhone 6? Is it the one down with the lightning port or is it one on the top? Or possibly both are used as cellular antennas?

Thanks for the help!

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I know you"ve lengthy since moved on, but it can have been your case - specifically if it"s a rugged one. Try it without a situation in those formerly good places.

I had actually a reception concern with my iPhone 6 on AT&T: spotty cell reception, dropping calls, incapability to attach to LTE. When I inserted my phone next to an identical version, my phone had actually less bars.

I saw the Apple save and also their inner tests confirmed that my phone was having antenna issues. Because my warranty had lapsed, the only choice they might offer: a new iPhone 6 for $299.

I used "Field Test Mode" to aid troubleshoot the issue; it shows specific numerical values for reception rather of bars. I had the ability to determine that the concern was my phone instance which had an aluminum bar approximately the external edges to defend from a drop. Once I rerelocated the case, my reception concerns disshowed up.

Hi from the future (2021). This worked like a charm!!!! Yay for phone slaps. Thank you, so glad I found this prior to buying a brand-new antenna.

June 16 by Maddie Kirwin

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If you look at the green noted sections you can view tbelow are 2 isolators the white plastic and also the black injection that glues points together. How this is done deserve to impact the efficiency of your phones ability to send & get signals. Many type of knockoffs don"t usage the dual isolators so the performance of the antennas have the right to be effected as the material alternative might not sell enough impedance.

Here are the two antennas upper bus bar assembly and the lower antenna cable



Tright here is an additional antenna piece the logic board bus bar assembly which additionally has actually the NFC antenna the rectangular bar, Unfavor the various other antenna"s this one is aligned right at the insulator (just enough of a signal window) so its focused straight down:


The screws that host the bus bar have to be spotmuch less (nothing underneath the screws head). Make sure you wipe the surdeals with through a reagent isopropyl alcohol as you don"t want the impurities to interfere with the signal and your finger oils. The logic bus bar additionally has actually a label on it which isolates it the from the case if the label is missing or shifted it can impact the signal.

A phone thats acquired wet can have actually a film of corrosion build up that impacts the effectiveness of the transmission. Corrosion on the bus bars likewise have the right to result tbelow ability to carry the signal to the instance antennas and lastly the antenna screw hole surchallenge (mounts) likewise have the right to acquire corroded. Using a pink pencil eraser deserve to clean off the film from the circuit board gold contacts. An even more aggressive grey pen eraser can clean the case mounts. You may need rearea the bus bars if they are badly corroded.

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The entennas are deeper into the phone than the screen, i myself am the form to deal with my iphone"s issues, and i dont think that you messed anything up. I freshly put in 2 brand-new antennas right into my iphone 6, and had actually it checked by apple support and also they said the new hardware was functioning (they ran a diagnostic test) and said periodically the connection in between the hardware and also the aluminum backing of the actual phone have the right to reason the problem. They said buying a brand-new phone. Ive replaced both antennas a second time, hoping the initially collection that i mounted were simply weak, but to no avail, tright here was no change.

Both the antennas are situated in the height left portion of the iphone 6"s screen.

I hope this helped!

Savannnah, I agree totally through your comment! It transforms out my worry only presented itself as soon as my phone was closed, however functioned when the phone was opened for repair (I received a phone speak to while I was peaking around for issues/misplaced screws/etc.). When I closed the phone, the call was dropped; crazy, right?!

I had found the sticker above comments and other threads had stated, and through mine in correct place, I still had some weird grounding issue presening itself. My resolution? Well, let"s simply say I am enjoying a downgrade to the iPhone 5c till the newest model is released this Fall.

Happy repairs, everyone!


Both you males need to execute some reading!

The antennas are the isolated components of the steel real estate not the interior components. The inner components are signal guides (bus bars) & cable.

Yes, these components and the screws that mate them have the right to be negative. More regularly the situation is a cheap knockoff and also didn"t usage the correct plastic to create the electrical isolation the body base and also the antenna case elements require.

What you are seeing it the Faraday Effect where the shell & screen isolates the signal from gaining out as you"ve effective cut off the exterior "window" for the signal.

Wright here deserve to I find the antenna for purchase? My repair male can not discover one for the 6, just the 6Plus.

You require a brand-new iPhone 6 OEM Rear Case as the antennas are molded in to it. The RF signal guides: bus bars and cables have the right to be bought from steustatiushistory.org here: iPhone 6 components - Click on the cables section to check out all of the bus bars & cables

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Stefan Hueser

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Hi Martin,

sorry for my bad english, just imagine my german accent while reading and also have actually fun via it.

So i had the very same problem through a iPhone6. After trying practically everthing i could review below,

i uncovered the "connection sticker" on the clear copper area of the double antenna flex. https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig...

This sticker was not on the copper and also coudn"t attach to the steel peace behind the screen.

I put the sticker back in its position and the phone back together. After a restart and a reset

of the network settings the iPhone quickly discovered a Service.

I hope this helps!


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When did the troubles through your iPhone start? Have you ever before dropped it?

Because I dropped mine and got the display screen reinserted by a repair shop, two month later on the problems began.

This solved the concern for me thanks

I never before write-up comments or upvote, yet this write-up saved me from reasoning I had to retire my 64gb Iphone 6 after it"s been over a year because I"ve gained it, and also I"ve done a display repair myself so apple wouldn"t have done anything around it. I had been to so many forums, done simply around every little thing you have the right to think of to fix the organization problem (not an exaggeration) And I"ve been pretty bummed around it all day. Now right here I am, producing this account to say say thanks to you :)

This was defintely valuable i reput the antenna behind the logic board the one that connects close to the wifi connector.= and now is up and functioning. I have actually an iphone 6 plus. Good occupational. Thanks for the help

Very advantageous thanks! Literally moved the sticker earlier on to the copper of the antenna, and also currently back to full signal without issue.

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Ed Varga

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We are seeing more and more of these in our shop in San Francisco, 4 in the last 10 days in reality. We"ve seen them sometimes over the last year but now we are beginning to view them more regularly.

In the majority of of these situations the steel casing is bent. When we bend it back (ie. straighten it out) we are able to re-establish service. I never kbrand-new if this was a lasting solution because we never heard back from civilization.

We"ve always warned human being that we don"t know if the link will certainly last. Two customers newly adhered to up a pair of days after we got it functioning and told us it wasn"t functioning aobtain.

I have actually a theory based on comparable troubles over the years via other models. I do not think you"re going to get all over altering the flex cable or other antennas. I think this is an IC chip issue.

My theory is that once the phone casing bends, the circuit board bends. The circuit board bending reasons the solder relations for the chip that faces cellular reception to break.

By straightening the casing and also for this reason, the circuit board the chip makes the relationships to the damaged solder joints and also we are able to temporarily obtain the phone on a cellular network-related. But, the damages has actually already been done and also the solder joints are still broken which indicates they most likely aren"t going to store making call if the phone is dropped or simply even supplied in a day to day manner.

Unless you know how to execute a BGA solder repair tbelow is no irreversible resolve for this issue.

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Ed Varga - I do not recognize whether I love you Or hate you lol. Thank you extremely much for your explacountry over.

You have echoed my thoughts entirely and also unfortunately I think most human being replacing parts to fix this concern are going to be disappointed . Unmuch less of course they happen to have the ability to repair the connector on thelogic board.

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I think I can ultimately decide to get rid of this handcollection now as a irreversible deal with is unlikely for me..

Just out of interest execute civilization suffering from this no signal concern periodically foracquire they put the phone in the earlier pocket.. say when you obtain in the vehicle..?