The European Dead Zone is the greatest location in Destiny 2, and also features a brand-new merchant, as well as multiple missions and also quests to comb through. Find Out about EDZ tokens and also vendors.

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Lost Sectors are surprise within every open up map area in Destiny 2, however there are some in the European Dead Zone that are specifically tough to uncover. In this Destiny 2 Drain Lost Sector guide, we"ll be pinpointing the location of one shelp Lost Sector, so you can track it dvery own as easily as feasible.

If you rather need aid on the larger game of Destiny, you"ll desire to head over to our Destiny 2 guides hub. It"s below that you can discover complete walkwith guides on just how to achieve some of the more elusive Exotic tools in the game, including the Rat King and also the MIDA Multi-Device, as well as how to finish the Leviathan Rassist.

Destiny 2 The Drain Lost Sector Guide

If you don"t already recognize, Lost Sectors are unmarked treasure caves on the Destiny 2 map. They"re on every single map in the game, from Mars to Earth, and they constantly marked on your map by the very same symbol: an upside dvery own semi circle through a dot in the middle. Whenever you watch among these markers on your map, it implies that a Lost Sector is adjacent.

However before, some Lost Sectors are substantially harder to discover, as is the situation via The Drain. To find this Lost Sector in specific, you"ll must head to the European Dead Zone on Planet, and into the Outskirts area. You should be in the north section of the area, in the exact exact same location as our cursor is in the map screenshot from Destiny 2 just below.


Once you"re right into The Drain, you"re going to be battling via hordes of Fallen opponents. There"s Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks aplenty in this mini dungeon, so we"d recommend packing quick fire tools for your undertaking right into this Lost Sector.

Now that we"re all done with this Destiny 2 overview, you deserve to proceed ahead to our added guides on the game. Why not check out our Destiny 2 Gamlittle bit overview, wright here we"ll break dvery own precisely exactly how you have the right to overcome the virtual competition in the new mode.

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