A great alternative to shaving actually, skilled hair removal is an easy and efficient means to remove unwanted hair. We proudly offer precision waxing for both guys and woguys and also occupational skillcompletely to mitigate discomfort. Our salon and also spa will certainly ensure that you obtain the ideal treatment in a private and also hygienic environment.

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Enjoy silky smooth skin from head to toe

PricingLevel 1Level 2Level 3 Level 4
Lip and Chin$26$28$30$33
Lip and also Eyebrow$27$29$31$34
Lip, Eyebrow and also Chin$37$39$41$44
Full Face $42$45$48$51
Partial Brazilian*$47$51$55$58
Full Brazilian$62$67$72$75
Full Leg$62$65$68$71
Full Leg with Bikini$79$82$85$88
Full Leg with Brazilian$108$110$112$114
Half Leg$37$40$43$46
Under Arm$27$30$33$36
Full Arm$37$40$43$46
Half Arm$27$30$33$36
Men"s Chest$42$45$48$51
Men"s Back$42$45$48$51
Brow or Lash Tint*$21$21$21$24
*Hair should be 1/4 inch long or about 2-3 weeks of expansion for waxing.*Brow tint boosts eyebrow shade. Lash tint provides lashes show up thicker and also darker.*Partial Brazilian: Final price based upon consultation.