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What Devil May Cry character are you?

1What is your hairstyle?
Brushed down
Sorrt of in a flip
Long and down
Spiked up
2What perform you think of Dante?

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I guess he"s okay
I prefer him,he"s my partner
3What do you think of Vergil?
I do not understand much about him
Weird brother
4What execute think around parties?
I love parties!!!!
I don"t choose them...........
As lengthy as Dante"s there!
I guess i choose them
5What is your fav color?
There are as well many colors to determined from
I do not really have a fav color
6What is your hair color?
White but spiked up hairstyle
7What carry out you wear?
A long red leather jacket,pants,boots,and also nopoint underneath the jacket
A white shirt with cuffs,shorts,and also long boots that go to my nees
A babsence shirt via a crack in it,pants,and also boots
A blue leather coat,pants,boots,and also a vest
8What would certainly be the first point you say if you got trapped in a school right prior to the weekend?
Let"s do homework
I wanna obtain the hell out of here!!!!!!!!!
Where"s weapons as soon as you require them?!?
My lightning power should execute the trick
9What is your fav food?
A salad would be nice best roughly now.....

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Ummm.....wright here perform i begin........
I like all foods
10This is the last question!What carry out you wanna do?
I have to go provide a job to Dante
I have to go assist Dante via his job
I"m gonna go review a book.(me:Nerd!)