A netoccupational is a collection of computers and also devices connected together through interactions devices and transmission media.

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- Facilitate communications: - Transfer funds: Online banking- Share software:- Share hardware:- Share information and also information:
- Purchasing the network cabling and also file servers can be expensive.- Managing a large netjob-related is complicated, needs training and a netjob-related manager commonly requirements to be employed.- If the file server breaks dvery own the records on the file server end up being inaccessible. Email could still work-related if it is on a separate server. The computers deserve to still be supplied but are isolated.- Viruses deserve to spreview to other computer systems throughout a computer network-related.- Tright here is a hazard of hacking, specifically through wide location networks. Security actions are required to prevent such abusage, eg a firewall.
-Sharing tools such as printers saves money.- Site (software) licences are likely to be cheaper than buying several standalone licences.- Files can easily be shared in between users.- Network-related users deserve to interact by email and immediate messenger.- Security is excellent - customers cannot watch various other users" documents unprefer on stand-alone devices.- Data is simple to backup as all the data is stored on the file server.
- A sending tool that initiates an instruction to transmit information, instructions or information.- A communications device that connects the sfinishing tool to transmission media.- Transmission media or interactions channel, on which the data, instructions or information travel.- A communications device that connects the transmission media to a receiving device- A receiving gadget that accepts the transmission of data, instructions or information
A high-capacity transmission method making use of a wide array of frequencies, which enables a large variety of messeras to be interacted all at once.
Consists of dozens or numerous thin strands of glass or plastic that usage light to transmit signal. Advantages:- Capability of transporting substantially even more signals than wire cables.- Less suspectible to interference from various other devices. - Faster data transmission- Better security- Smaller sizeDisadvantages:- Cost
Consists of one or more twisted-pair wires bundled together.- Due to the wires being twisted together there is a reduce in noise (Interference from various other devices such as a photocopier).

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Consists of 3 layers, including a insulating material, a wrange or braided metal and a plastic cover coating.