1 : cost-free from mistakes or errors The design is accurate down to the tiniest details. an accurate account/record/report/summary See More ExamplesHer novel is historically accurate. He needed a more accurate <=precise> term to describe the procedure. an accurate throw/shot <=a throw/shot that does not miss out on its target>Hide

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2 : able to create outcomes that are correct : not making mistakes an accurate reporter an accurate measuring gadget The devices were not yet accurate sufficient to provide beneficial results.
4 : going to, getting to, or hitting the intended tarobtain : not absent the target an accurate shot/kick The next play, Johnkid fielded a sharp grounder and also made a precise throw to initially.— Joe Smith

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accurateness ˈa-​kyə-​rət-​nəs

, ˈa-​k(ə-​)rət-​nəs noun

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correct, specific, exact, specific, nice, ideal suppose conforming to fact, typical, or reality. correct typically implies freedom from fault or error. correct answers socially correct dress accurate implies fidelity to reality or truth attained by exercise of care. an accurate summary precise stresses a really strict agreement through truth, conventional, or reality. exact dimensions precise adds to precise a focus on sharpness of meaning or delimitation. precise calibration nice stresses great precision and also delicacy of adjustment or discrimination. renders nice distinctions right is close to correct however has actually a stronger positive emphasis on conformity to truth or reality rather than mere absence of error or fault. the right point to perform

The design is accurate down to the tiniest details. Her novel is historically accurate. The equipments were not yet accurate sufficient to give valuable outcomes.
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Recent Instances on the Internet Geared toward education, the festival intends to be historically specific while entertaining patrons. — Patrick Connolly, orlandosentinel.com, 5 Nov. 2021 This in contrast to the sour, mealy-mouthed assessment of the OSCE and also US State Department (but accurate). — Melik Kaylan, Forbes, 3 Nov. 2021 Researchers like Pleasure Buolamwini, Deb Raji, and Timnit Gebru initially documented that facial acknowledgment systems are much less accurate on woguys through dark skin. — Khari Johnson, Wired, 2 Nov. 2021 For example, the technology has been presented to be less specific when identifying human being of shade, and also numerous Black males, at leastern, have actually been wrongfully arrested as a result of the use of facial acknowledgment. — Rachel Metz, CNN, 2 Nov. 2021 Full disclosure: The large googly eyes on Pet SARS-CoV-2 are not strictly biologically accurate. — Washington Post, 28 Oct. 2021 Saying perceptions intend nothing is not entirely accurate. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 26 Oct. 2021 This framing will certainly be perfectly accurate: the last form of the bill will certainly reflect the Manchinema roadblock and also additionally the implacable hostility of the G.O.P. — John Cassidy, The New Yorker, 25 Oct. 2021 On the other hand, Mendelsohn, an eight-year veteran of the social media gigantic, sassist that the impression of the firm developed by the indevelopment Haugen has actually given to the media and also to lawmakers in the UNITED STATE is not accurate. — Jeremy Kahn, Fortune, 18 Oct. 2021

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History and Etymology for accurate

obtained from Latin accūrātus "all set with care, studied, meticulous," from previous participle of accūrāre "to provide attention to, do carefully," from ad- ad- + cūrāre "to watch over, treatment for" — more at cure entry 2

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The first recognized usage of accurate was circa 1599

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