Which of the adhering to terms is an actual or imaginary individual or team that has a far-reaching impact on an​ individual"s evaluations,​ aspirations, or​ behavior?A. Status symbolB. Opinion leaderC. Mass-classD. Reference groupE. Social class

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Which of the complying with refers to a combination of hardware and software application that ensures that only authorized people obtain enattempt into a computer​ system?A.MalwareB.OutsourcingC.Reverse marketingD.EncryptionE.Firewall
Which of the following terms describes the degree to which a​ person"s sensory receptors are capable of registering a​ stimulus?A.InterpretationB.ExposureC.PerceptionD.AttentionE.Motivation
If a consumer is suffering cognitive dissonance regarding his or her​ purchase, the consumer is on what step of the consumer​ decision-making process?A. Product choiceB. Indevelopment searchC. Evaluation of alternativesD. Problem recognitionE. Post-purchase evaluation
At what step in the consumer​ decision-making procedure is a marketer most likely to use search marketing methods such as search engine optimization​ (SEO), sponsored search​ ads, and shopbots to aid consumers uncover and learn even more about their​ products?A. Product choiceB. Information searchC. Problem recognitionD. Evaluation of alternativesE. Post-purchase evaluation
Which of the adhering to terms refers to the procedure people or groups go via to​ choose, purchase,​ usage, and dispose of​ items, solutions,​ concepts, or experiences to satisfy their demands and​ desires?A. Perceived riskB. Search marketingC. InvolvementD. Search engine marketing​ (SEM)E. Consumer behavior
Which of the adhering to refers to a group that purchases finiburned products for the function of offering those finished goods for a​ profit, renting, or leasing to consumers and also other​ businesses?A. ProducersB. Not-for-profit marketsC. Organizational marketsD. Government marketsE. Resellers
Which of the following refers to the marketing methods that attach distinctive experiences such as a unique fragrance via a product or​ service?A. MicroculturesB. SubcultureC. Sensory marketingD. Time povertyE. Culture
Which of the adhering to terms describes developing a created description of the​ high quality, dimension,​ weight, shade,​ features, quantity,​ training, warranty, service​ terms, and delivery demands for the​ purchase?A. Multiple sourcingB. Single sourcingC. Product specificationsD. ReciprocityE. Customer recommendation program
Which of the following defines a​ business-to-service, or​ organizational, market?A. Purchases for individual or family consumptionB. Purchases generally made on impulseC. Many individual or family members customersD. Demand also based upon consumer requirements and also choices that is generally​ price-elastic, secure over​ time, and independent of demand for other productsE. Purchases entailing competitive​ bidding, price​ negotiations, and complicated financial arrangements
E. Purchases including competitive​ bidding, price​ negotiations, and also facility financial arrangements
Which of the following describes the​ valuesbeliefs,​ custom-mades, and also tastes a group of people​ values?A. MicroculturesB. SubcultureC. Time povertyD. CultureE. Sensory marketing
Which of the following describes demand in which alters in price have actually little or no impact on the amount​ demanded?A. Joint demandB. Inelastic demandC. Organizational marketsD. Fluctuating demandE. Derived demand
When world learn that their actions result in rewards or​ punishments, the kind of behavioral finding out that occurs is​ _____ conditioning.A. operantB. classicalC. modernD. basicE. cognitive
What action of the consumer​ decision-making procedure is a consumer most likely to be in if heuristics such as brand loyalty and​ country-of-origin are factoring right into the​ decision?A. Evaluation of alternativesB. Indevelopment searchC. Post-purchase evaluationD. Problem recognitionE. Product choice
If an advertiser offers concealed messages in its product​ commercial, or hides messages in the product itself​ (such as baking words into the tops of​ crackers), the advertiser is using​ _____ advertising.A. cognitiveB. conditioningC. behavioralD. observationalE. subliminal
A Rolex​ watch, a Lexus​ automobile, and also also the latest Apple iPhone are all examples of a​ _____ symbol.A. statusB. culturalC. consumerD. styleE. subcultural
Which of the following​ business-to-organization terms describes the regime purchase of items that a B2B customer regularly​ needs?A. BuyclassB. New-task buyC. Straight rebuyD. Modified rebuyE. Buying center
If a consumer sees a far-ranging distinction between his or her present state of affairs and also some wanted or ideal​ state, which step of the consumer​ decision-making procedure is the consumer​ in?A. Post-purchase evaluationB. Problem recognitionC. Indevelopment searchD. Evaluation of alternativesE. Product choice
If an advertiser locations a TV commercial utilizing a​ lonely, lost puppy to offer its​ assets, then that advertiser is shelp to be utilizing​ _____.A. pet advertisingB. sadvertisingC. emotional advertisingD. heartvertisingE. lostvertising
In which step in the​ consumer-decision making procedure will a consumer narrow down choices deciding on​ feasibility, and comparing the pros and cons of each remaining​ option?A. Post-purchase evaluationB. Evaluation of alternativesC. Problem recognitionD. Product choiceE. Information search
In the buying​ facility, which duty has actually duty to execute the​ purchase?A. InitiatorB. InfluencerC. GatekeeperD. DeciderE. Buyer
Which of the adhering to functions in the buying facility is the member of the buying center that actually demands the​ product?A. GatekeeperB. DeciderC. InfluencerD. UserE. Initiator
Which of the complying with terms describes the procedure by which people​ select, organize, and also translate information from the outside​ world?A. ExposureB. AttentionC. MotivationD. Perception E. Interpretation
Your neighborhood city council or your county commissioners are examples of​ a(n) _____ industry.A. resellerB. business-to-businessC. producerD. organizationalE. government
Which of the adhering to refers to a perboy who influences​ others" attitudes or habits because they think that he possesses expertise about the​ product?A. Social classB. Status symbolC. Reference groupD. Mass-classE. Opinion leader


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