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31.Which mineral sources are considered renewable?a.base steels onlyb.nonmetallic minerals onlyc.iron and also aluminum oresd.No mineral resources are renewable.
32.The USA has actually energetic mines within its borders that are sufficient to preserve a secure supply of all strategically necessary steels.a.trueb.false
33.As compared to coal mining, tbelow is basically no adverse environmental influence of mineral mining.a.trueb.false
34.Which of the following kinds of mass movement takes place many gradually?a.slumpb.creepc.rock slided.mudcirculation
35.Which of the following types of mass activity is leastern coherent (a lot of choose a liquid)?a.slumpb.creepc.rock slided.mudflow
36.The instant reason of incidents of mass movement is ____________.a.electromagnetic attractionb.gravitationc.magnetismd.friction
37.Which of the following factors decreases the hazard of mass movement?a.adjacent earthquakesb.excavation into the base of a hillc.including weight to the height of a hilld.adding vegetation to the side of a hill
38.Which of the following boosts the danger of mass movement?a.including a little amount of moisture to loose, dry sedimentb.waves breaking prior to they reach sea cliffsc.flooding the sediment via water to the point of saturationd.reducing the grade of the slope
39.For dry sediments, the angle of repose is typically between ____________ levels.a.10 and also 17b.15 and 22c.20 and also 27d.30 and also 37
40.The flat-lying area surrounding a river channel is termed the ____________.a.base gradientd.thalweg
41.The lowest elevation to which a stream can downreduced is the ____________.a.base gradientd.thalweg
42.In unicreate sediments via a reasonably consistent slope at the surconfront, a ____________ drainage netjob-related is expected.a.dendriticb.radialc.rectangulard.trellis
43.Ephemeral streams ____________.a.consist of a collection of linked channels that are overloaded with sedimentb.have flowing water either episodically or throughout a portion of the yearc.have a channel that is highly sinuous (curvy)
44.Meandering streams ____________.a.consist of a collection of linked networks that are overloaded through sedimentb.have actually flowing water either episodically or during a section of the yearc.have a channel that is highly sinuous (curvy)d.are those that draw away flow from streams they have intersected with stream erosion
45.Braided streams ____________.a.consist of a collection of intertwined channels that are overloaded through sedimentb.have flowing water either episodically or throughout a part of the yearc.have actually a channel that is extremely sinuous (curvy)d.are those that divert circulation from streams they have actually intersected through stream erosion
46.Eventually, the base level of a stream valley have the right to be no lower than ____________.a.the average elevation of the continent on which it is foundb.sea levelc.the average elevation of the ocean basins
47.Within a meander, where is sediment many most likely to be deposited?a.on the external financial institutions of the meanderb.on the inner banks of the meanderc.uniformly to either side of the meander
48.Which river is a hazard to capture the flow of the Mississippi River through stream piracy?a.Old Muddy Riverb.New Riverc.Atchafalaya Riverd.Zydeco River
49.At a delta, gradient decreasesb.a single channel breaks into multiple, radiating distributary channelsc.Both A and also B are correct.d.Namong the above are correct.
50.Geological evidence says that many kind of numerous years back, the Amazon flowed toward the west quite than the east.a.Trueb.False
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