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In Geometry, we have actually several unidentified terms: point, line and plane. From these three undefined terms, all other terms in Geomeattempt have the right to be characterized. In Geomeattempt, we define a allude as a place and also no size. A line is characterized as something that exoften tends infinitely in either direction yet has actually no width and is one dimensional while a plane exhas a tendency infinitely in two dimensions.

There are three unidentified terms in geometry. From these terms we specify whatever else. The first term is allude. The second term is aircraft. And the third uncharacterized term is the line. So let's go earlier and define these as a lot as we deserve to. Now we're not really specifying suggest, we're just describing it. A point has no size; it just has a location. And the means that we label it is via a resources letter. So we deserve to speak to this Point P. A airplane is a level surface that has actually no thickness, and it will certainly extend infinitely in eincredibly direction.So one means to visualize what a aircraft can be is to think about a sheet of paper. Or if tright here are 2 differences between a sheet of paper and also a aircraft, the first is this paper does not extfinish in eexceptionally direction. Secondly, this paper actually has some thickness and also a airplane will certainly not. Now you deserve to name a airplane making use of a solitary capital letter, normally composed in cursive, or by 3 non-collinear points. And colstraight we'll talk about in a second here, but collinear implies they're not on the very same line. So let's say you had actually a point right here: Point A, Point B, and also Point C. You might contact this plane, Plane ABC. Definition of coplanar: We actually have the right to specify this, is points, lines, or anypoint, segments, polygons in the very same airplane. So two points are coplanar if they are, just choose we have in the picture below, in the very same plane. So "co", you have the right to think of it as a word for sharing. So you have the right to think of coplanar as sharing the same aircraft. Now the 3rd undefined term is a line. And a line is collection of points or, the word that you could learn later is locus, extfinishing in either direction infinitely. So a line is going to be all the points, and also we deserve to actually select two of them to name it. So we have the right to call this Line AB. Now once you're labeling a line, it's essential to include at leastern 2 points. Or if you have actually some kind of smaller sized letter over here, we have the right to contact this Line L. But notification exactly how I'm creating the arrows over my letters; I have arrows on either side. And these arrows tell you, the geometry student, that it extends infinitely in this direction. Now this arrowhead below extends infinitely in that direction. You deserve to have actually points be colstraight, that is, they share the exact same line. So below we could have, C, D, and also E are all colstraight. And if you look at Point F here, I attracted this in to attract a comparison. You deserve to watch that Point F is not on this line, so F is not coldirect with C, D, and E. But I could say that E is coldirect via C and D, D is collinear via C and E, and also C is colstraight via D and E.

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So the 3 essential terms that are not definable, yet only describable, are the line, which is a collection of points extending infinitely in one or the other direction; airplane, which is a level surconfront through no thickness; and the third uncharacterized term is allude and also that has actually a location and no size.