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Nuclear energy:

The energy released during the nuclear reaction is called as nuclear energy.Energy in the Uranium is stored in the develop of nuclear energy

Potential energy:

The power of anybody because of its position is called as potential energy.The energy of any rock put at some height is stored in the create of potential energy.

Electrical energy:

The energy because of flow of electrical present is called as electrical energy.The glowing of bulb is an instance of electrical energy.

Chemical energy:

The power as a result of chemical reaction is called as chemical energy.The energy in the battery is stored in the create of chemical energy.


The electric power is a flowing energy which only comes once tbelow is circulation of electrical current.Thus the electric energy is not a form of stored energy. Hence option 3 is correct.
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More Work, Energy, and also EMF Questions

Q1. The cost of power to operate an industrial refrigerator that consumes 5 kW power functioning 10 hrs per day for 30 days will be (Given that the charge k.W.h of energy = Rs. 4)
Q2. Time taken by a 100 watt bulb to consume 5000 J of energy is
Q3. Electrical power used during a month is expressed in regards to 'units'. Here one unit means
Q4. A present of 2A flows via a 24V automobile head light bulb for 5 mins. How a lot power deliver occurs in the time of this time?
Q5. The warm generated while carrying 96000 coulomb of charge in one hour through a potential difference of 50 V is
Q6. An electrical motor is noted 2 Hp. The job-related done by the electric motor in 3 secs will certainly be nearly
Q7. When the potential distinction throughout a resistive conductor of resistance R obeying ohm's regulation, is doubled, the rate of generation of warmth will become
Q8. Which one of the complying with is not a form of stored energy?
Q9. A given conductor moving a present of 1 A produces an amount of heat equal to 2000 J. If the current through the conductor is doubled, the amount of heat developed will certainly be
Q10. An electric refrigerator rated 400 W opeprices 8 hours/day. What is the price of energy forced to operate it for 30 days at Rs 2.50 per kW h?

More Current, Resistance and also Electricity Questions

Q1. The work-related done to move a unit charge from a point to an additional is dubbed :
Q2. The electric resistivity of the product of a conductor is ρ. If the resistance and volume of the conductor is 3Ω and 3 m3, then find the size of the conductor.

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Q3. Find the worth of the current throughout both resistors?
Q4. A 5Ω resistance is associated to a DC resource. When this DC resource is removed and also an AC source is associated to the resistance, then new resistance will be-
Q5. At the moment of short circuit, the current in the circuit
Q6. The melting allude of the fuse wire (wire) have to be ___?
Q7. Who created the first electric battery ?
Q8. What is the unit of resistance?
Q9. The interior resistance of an ammeter should be
Q10. ______terminal of a cell have to be joined via the ______ terminal of an additional cell to create a battery.I. Negative, positiveII. Negative, NegativeIII. Positive, Positive
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More Physics Questions

Q1. X-rays were uncovered by:
Q2. _______ mentions the wanted orientation in the orbital room of the offered power and dimension.
Q3. When a body is immersed in a liquid the upward pressure competent by it is known as :
Q4. Which among the adhering to is a non-conservative force?
Q5. The occupational done to relocate a unit charge from a suggest to another is called :
Q6. On which of the adhering to scientific values is an electric generator based?
Q7. Which among the adhering to is supplied in making home windows for the X-ray tubes?
Q8. How many type of electrons taken together make one coulomb?
Q9. An electron possesses an unfavorable charge of:
Q10. The term radiotask was coined by: Edu Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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