The Back Story

When Allichild McCarty enrolled at the College of Maryland also, she was considering two entirely different career paths: financial or medication. Ironically sufficient, she chose to enter the university as a pre-med significant, where she lasted a entirety two weeks prior to using to the Robert H. Smith School of Company to research finance! Upon receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Allikid joined the team at Financial Advantage Associates (FAA) in 2007 and established the Medical Division of FAA in 2009.

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Perry Lazerus joined FAA in June of 2011 and also partnered via Allison to aid assistance the Medical Division that November. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Maryland also, Perry did not mean to have actually a career as a Financial Advisor. That being sassist, he’s uncovered his undergraduate training useful in the process of educating his clients on how to job-related in the direction of financial success, and he hasn’t looked ago since.

Allichild & Perry are registered representatives and also investment advisor representatives of Securian Financial Services, Inc.,

Market Involvement

Allikid & Perry have offered numerous educational presentations to hospitals, residency programs, dental colleges and veterinary schools throughout Maryland also, DC and Virginia. These seminars cover topics such as the Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Debt Management for Doctors, Principals of Investing and Retirement Income Strategies.

Our Clients

Allison & Perry are passionate about helping clinical professionals, both in training and in exercise, arrangement for and also conquer the difficulties distinctive to their profession. Many of their clients are came to with:

Excessive student and also individual debt in the beginning of their careersBalancing Debt Repayment with Wealth AccumulationLimitations on the moment obtainable to devote to financial mattersBuilding wealthEstablishing or joining a expert practiceProtecting income and also familiesHigher potential for skilled and also individual licapability to individual and also company assetsComplex taxes planning concerns and also better than average tax liability*

Our Process

Allichild & Perry offer a free, no price or duty, consultation to all prospective clients. This consultation offers both the client and also the advisor(s) the possibility to acquire to understand each other better and also identify if it provides feeling to move forward working together. Throughout the meeting the advisor(s) will testimonial the various relationship choices obtainable for working with clients. Whether it’s ssuggest a product you’d prefer aid securing (i.e. life, discapability or long-term care insurance or fee-based ascollection management) or a business you’re seeking (i.e. financial planning) the team of specialists at FAA is committed to offering genuine advice and superior business.

Working with Residents/Dental Students/Veterinary Students

Usually, we accomplish with those in training to start structure a relationship and sell financial assistance to help regulate cash flows and produce a debt repayment arrangement. In addition, for those that are prepared to relocate forward in securing discapacity insurance and/or setting up retirement techniques – we’ll assist through those services and be compensated appropriately.

Working with Those Finishing Training or Alprepared in Practice

For those who’ve simply signed their initially big contract, and those that have been practicing for years – we primarily indicate initiating the connection by completing a product-neutral financial setup (for a fee) to evaluation eexceptionally element of your financial situation. The financial planning procedure is a collection of meetings that covers the following topics:

Current Financial Position & Cash FlowsDebt Repayment PlanningInsurance CoverageInvestment AnalysisRetirement PlanningTax Planning*Estate Planning

The financial setup outlines wbelow you’re headed based upon your present habits, and an activity setup for boosting your financial position moving forward. Furthermore, you’ll receive one year’s access to financial planning tool, eMoney, to assist track your assets, expenses, and net worth going forward.

Completing the financial plan is a good initially step, but it doesn’t hold much weight until the references have actually been imposed.** As your financial advisors, Allikid & Perry will follow up through you to ensure the essential actions are taken to help attain the goals you have outlined for yourself. Furthermore, we’ll be accessible to fulfill via you throughout the year to testimonial your progress financially, and deal with the transforms (personally and/or professionally) that may affect your financial instance and also priorities going forward.

*This have to not be taken into consideration as certain taxation or legal advice. Consult a qualified taxation or legal professional about your individual case.

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**Separate from the financial setup and our function as financial planner, we might recommend the purchase of certain investment or insurance commodities or accounts. These product recommendations are not component of the financial plan and you are under no duty to follow them.