: a competitive or noncompetitive recreational activity in which participants usage a map and compass to navigate in between checkpoints alengthy an unacquainted course (as in the woods)

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Recent Instances on the Internet Allan Spangler out navigated practically two dozen others to win a sprint orienteering accomplish Wednesday on a course erected on the UAA campus. — Anchorage Daily News, 21 Aug. 2021 The research study team evidenced the usage of this tactic in both an amoeba and a mammalian cell line, arguing a commonality among cells engaged in long-distance orienteering. — Emily Willingham, Scientific American, 28 Aug. 2020 For today’s hunters and anglers, the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS has actually become an omniexisting tool not just for orienteering, yet for finding accessibility to public lands and waters in the first area. — Ben Long, Outdoor Life, 17 Mar. 2020 The initially exercise of the summer Probatoire, an orienteering test, was put together by Elodie Le Comte, one of a handful of womales on the school’s staff. — Simon Akam, Outside Online, 27 Nov. 2019 The Chinese team was banned from taking component in the long-distance orienteering competition, according to the IOF. — Ben Westcott, CNN, 24 Oct. 2019 Activities encompass fishing, bird watching, fly-tying, archery, canoeing, hiking, camping, orienteering and also hunter safety and security. — USA TODAY, 18 Nov. 2019 While the old army style through flip up cover is cool, a rectangular plastic orienteering compass through a spinning dial is your best bet. — James Lynch, Popular Mechanics, 19 July 2019 Activities available include campfires, hiking, arts & crafts, canoeing & kayaking, swimming, songs, orienteering and also nature. — Mónica Marie Zorilla, Philly.com, 5 June 2018

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History and Etymology for orienteering

modification of Swedish orientering, from orientera to orient