Phobas Inc. provides an online service which stores notes made by customers on the cloud. When a customer enters notes on one gadget, it gets updated in all the devices he/she owns. Which of the complying with cloud-based offerings is being gave to the customers?

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An digital organization allows individuals to combine their phonebook with their social media propapers and stores it on the cloud. The phonebook is updated with images or contacts once they are uploaded on social media sites. Which of the following cloud-based offerings Is being provided to the users
The cloud-based service that provides the hardware and also permits customers to fill an operating device of their option is known as _____
A __________ is a system of hardware and software program that stores user information in many different geographical locations and also renders that information accessible on demand
Which of the following is a reason why an interior information system (personal internet) that supplies Internet services is not thought about a cloud?
Which of complying with solutions gives hardware, an operating mechanism, and also a database administration device (DBMS) on a cloud-based offering?
Which of the complying with is a distinction between a virtual private network (VPN) and a digital exclusive cloud (VPC)?
D) A VCOMPUTER provides the advantages of cloud storage, but a VPN by itself cannot provide these advantages
Which of the adhering to is a difference between a virtual exclusive netoccupational (VPN) and also a digital private cloud (VPC)?
D) Unprefer a VPC, a exclusive clouds does not require permission from regulating bodies to hold sensitive data


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