a. Helps emplopyees accomplish their legal duties under equal employment possibility legislation.

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b. Any task evaluation must emphasis on works habits required for successful

performance of the job.

c. A significant goal is to assist create job-relatedness of its selection and also performance


d. b and also c only

e. All of the above

The Mental Health Parity Act calls for the same level of coverage for mental illness as for a physical condition.

a. True

b. False

According to the Institute of Medicine,

a. high-quality treatment will follow normally from an environment wbelow patients are safe.

b. patient security is equivalent from the shipment of high-high quality treatment.

c. top quality is a universal construct ircorresponding of one’s duty in the company.

d. the most important quality metric is the patient’s idea about high quality of care received.

What is the significant rationale for making use of teams in high quality advancement efforts?
a. Teams are empowering and can motivate employees to take responsibility for high quality.
b. Teams are an essential source of task satisfaction.
c. Employees generally have actually the finest insights right into problem causation and also the feasibility
of alternative options.
d. Teams form normally in healthcare organizations and may therefore be delegated
duty for quality.
Which of the adhering to NOT true about medical professional compensation?
a. Capitation is a technique that puts doctors at financial hazard for services offered.
b. Hospitals that employee doctors frequently pay flat salaries and execute not use
performance or quality criteria.
c. Locum tenens doctors occupational on a temporary basis and also are commonly paid a solved
amount for solutions offered.
d. A controversial problem among salaried doctors is just how are productivity criteria
used across specialties and types of practices.
When developing a benefit arrangement, one have to consider only federal legislations, not state regulations.
a. True
b. False
According to equity theory,
a. employees use objective information in determining the fairness of a reward system.
b. if an employee perceives inequity in a reward mechanism, the person will look for to regain
c. supervisors are the finest source of information around the viewed equity in an
d. equity theory is even more applicable to blue collar than experienced employees.
Which of the adhering to is not a strategy to boost employee engagement?
a. Employee recognition
b. Employee motivation
c. Alignment
d. Accountcapacity
Nurse workload means:
a. the number of nurses employed.
b. the average hrs per week operated by registered nurses.
c. the process whereby proper numbers of nursing individual are deployed.
d. the nurse-to-patient proportion.
Which of the complying with is not an end result if nurse staffing is as well low?
a. Higher prices in the lengthy run
b. Lower absenteeism
c. Increased nursing errors
d. Lower costs in the short term
New York was the first state to pass nurse staffing legislation.
a. True
b. False
An boost in patient requirements has actually added to more physical anxiety and also burnout for nurses.
a. True
b. False
Which among the adhering to is TRUE about Herzberg, Mausner and also Snyderman’s 1959 conclusions regarding chauffeurs of employee motivation:
a. Employees must first have their standard “hygiene” needs (salary, decent functioning
conditions) met in order to be encouraged.
b. Fulfillment of “hygiene” demands does not create employee motivation or project
satisfaction, but is a precondition for inspiration.
c. Extrinsic “hygiene” rewards are important however insufficient aspects for encouraging
employees to contibute and also ultimately feel a sense of success.
d. All of the above
Which among the complying with is a TRUE statement regarding the continuum of collective barobtaining in employer/union negotiations.

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a. Distributive barobtaining is a win-shed plan in which each party provides up
somepoint to obtain something else.
b. Concessionary bargetting seeks win-win situation and also solution that creatively respond
to both parties’ needs.
c. Integrative baracquiring would certainly be instance where the employer asked the union to
remove, limit or reduce weras in response to financial contraints or place of
d. Namong the above is true
The Affordable Care Act might lead to a boost in doctor unionization because:
a. it promotes accountable care organizations, which might lead to doctors being
employed by organizations.
b. it reverses previously NLRB rulings versus doctor unionization.
c. it calls for that hospitals barget through doctors.
d. it places higher restrictions on physicians’ expert judgement.

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