We define what a root word is and also how prefixes and suffixes can be added to root words to turn them into words via different interpretations.

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A root word is a straightforward word through no presolve or sufdeal with added to it (a presolve is a string of letters that go at the begin of a word; a sufsolve is a string of letters that go at the end of a word). By including prefixes and also suffixes to a root word we have the right to change its definition.

The suffixes -er and also -est are also offered to create the comparative and superlative of adjectives (for example, light / lighter / lightest).



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For example:

The root word astro might have the sufdeal with -nomy added to it to make the word astronomy.

"Astro" indicates "stars" and also "nomy" indicates the examine of somepoint. Astronomy is the study and understanding of stars.

The root word lingual could have the presettle bi- included to it to make the word bilingual.

"Bi" indicates 2 and also "lingual" implies pertaining to language. Someone who is bilingual is fluent in 2 languages.

Some root words can have both prefixes and suffixes attached to them to rotate them into words via different meanings: 

Root wordWith a preresolve addedWith a suffix added
normalabnormalnormality, normalise
educationco-educationeducational, educationally
legalillegallegalise, legality
behavemisbehavebehaviour, behaved
fictionnon-fictionfictional, fictionally
happyunhappyhappier, happily


Children learn a variety of words through suffixes and prefixes throughout their time at main school, commonly starting in Year 2 and also Year 3.

Often, kids will certainly be provided a list of spellings to learn at house that all have the same sufresolve, or all have the exact same predeal with.

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It is a great concept for them to be conscious of root words, as finding out one root word (for example: education), will then assist them to spell other words containing that word such as co-education and also educational.

Learning root words, suffixes and prefixes additionally helps youngsters to understand words better, as they begin to watch web links in between various words and also determine word families