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Research on interaction abilities of nonhuguy primates reveals that

a. they, also, possess a universal grammar

b. they can not incorporate the calls for food and also hazard right into a solitary utterance

c. female nonhumale primates are more sensitive to various shades of green than their male counterparts are

d. they can construct intricate call systems, often indicating numerous messeras simultaneously

e. just apes, not primates, usage speak to systems

When Washoe and also Lucy tried to teach sign language to various other monkeys, this was an example of

a. displacement

b. contact systems

c. productivity

d. social transmission

e. estrus

Recent research on the origin of language suggests that

a. the capacity to remember and incorporate etymological symbols is latent in all mammals

b. a mutation in human beings (which emerged around 150,000 years ago) may have conferred selective benefits (linguistic and also social abilities)

c. fine tongue and also lip motions that are crucial for clear speech are passed on via enculturation

d. a sudden event made toolmaking feasible for Homo

e. contact devices developed into facility languages 50,000 years ago

b. a mutation in humans (which arisen about 150,000 years ago) might have conferred selective benefits (linguistic and also social abilities)

What is the examine of interaction through body movements, stances, gestures, and also facial expressions?

a. ethnosemantics

b. kinesics

c. biosemantics

d. protolinguistics

e. diglossia

The scientific study of a talked language involves a number of interrelated locations of analysis. Which area refers to all of a language"s morphemes and their meanings?

a. syntax

b. ethnosemantics

c. ethnoscience

d. phonology

e. lexicon

What does the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis state?

a. the level of social intricacy is linked with the effectiveness of langueras as devices of communications

b. the Hopi execute not usage 3 verb tenses; they have actually no concept of time

c. Different langueras develop different means of thinking

d. culture and language are transmitted independently

e. dialect variation is the outcome of toint-training practices

Studies on the differences between female and also male Americans in regard to the color terms they usage indicate that

a. in opposition to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, it could be even more reasonable to say that changes in culture develop alters in language and also assumed rather than the reverse

b. changes in Amerideserve to economic climate , society, and also society have had actually little influence on the use of color terms

c. in assistance of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, various languperiods produce various ways of thinking

d. women and men are equally sensitive to marketing strategies of the cosmetic industry

e. women spend even more money on standing goods than guys do

a. in opposition to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, it can be even more reasonable to say that changes in society create transforms in language and also believed rather than the reverse

Which of the complying with statements about sociogrammars is not true?

a. they are concerned even more through performance that through competence

b. they look at culture and at language

c. they are concerned via linguistic changes

d. they quantify what people say

e. they investigate the diffusion of genes in between populations

e. they investigate the diffusion of genes between populations

Honorifics are terms supplied through human being, often being included to their names, to "honor" them. Why would sociolinguists be interested in researching the use of honorifics?

a. they allow sociolinguists to study language and also society exterior of its conmessage bereason the very same honorifics are provided all over and they intend the very same thing

b. bereason honorifics constantly honor the person being addressed, sociolinguists deserve to study the positive side of language and culture

c. they might convey or indicate a condition distinction in between the speaker and also the perkid being described or addressed

d. they carry out data about just how different languperiods are concerned one another, which is what sociolinguists are mainly interested in

e. there is no factor for contemporary sociolinguists to be interested in honorifics because human being don"t usage these terms anymore

c. they may convey or indicate a condition difference in between the speaker and also the perboy being referred to or addressed

Which of the following statements around Babsence English Vernacular (BEV) is false?

a. it lacks required linguistic depth to fully expush thoughts

b. many kind of aspects of BEV likewise are existing in southern white speech

c. BEV efficiently conveys meaning

d. linguists see BEV as a language of SE, not a various language

e. BEV has actually grammatical rules

a. it lacks required etymological depth to completely expush thoughts

_____ refers to the capacity to produce new expressions by combining various other expression, while _____ is the capacity to describe points and occasions that are not existing.

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Productivity, displacement

Variation in speech in various conmessages or instances is well-known as _____.

style shifting

_____ describes the existence of "high" and "low" dialects within a solitary language.

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In a stratified society, also world who carry out not sheight the prestige language tfinish to accept it as "standard" or exceptional. In Pierre Bourdieu"s term this is an instance of _____.

symbolic domination

The world"s etymological diversity has been reduced in fifty percent in the previous _____ years, and also half of the staying _____ languperiods are predicted to disshow up throughout this century.

500, 7000

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