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Multiple Choice Questions for Earthquakes - Chapter 16

Each chapter will certainly incorporate a couple of concerns designed to test your expertise of material extended in the chapter and also in the Internet-based resources. Your answers are not being videotaped. Try the complying with. Which of the adhering to describes the construct up and also release of stress throughout an earthquake?the Modified Mercalli Scalethe elastic rebound theorythe principle of superpositionthe take a trip time differenceThe amount of ground displacement in a earthquake is called the _________ . epicenterdipslipfocusThe suggest where activity arisen which motivated the earthquake is the _______ . dipepicenterfocusstrikeWhich of the following sequences effectively lists the different arrivals from initially to last?P waves ... S waves .... Surchallenge wavesSurconfront waves ... P waves .... S wavesP waves ... Surconfront waves ... S wavesS waves ... P waves .... Surface wavesHow do rock particles relocate throughout the passage of a P wave through the rock?earlier and forth parallel to the direction of wave travelback and forth perpendicular to the direction of wave travelin a rolling circular motionthe pwrite-ups perform not moveDetailed researches of what earthquake enabled researchers to develop the elastic rebound theory?. the 1906 San Francisco earthquakethe 1964 Anchorage, Alaska earthquakethe 1755 Lisbon, Portugal earthquakethe 1985 Mexico CIty earthquakeHow many type of seismograph stations are essential to find the epifacility of an earthquake?1234Earthquakes have the right to occur with _________ faulting.normalreversethrustevery one of theseApproximately what percentage of earthquakes occur at plate boundaries?25%50%75%90%Which form of faulting would be least most likely to take place along the mid-Atlantic ridge?normalreversetransformall of these might occurHow often execute magnitude 8 earthquakes occur?about 5 to 10 times per yearabout once a yearabout eincredibly 5 to 10 yearsabout eextremely 50 to 100 yearsThe bulk modulus steps ______________. the resistance to flow of a liquidthe resistance to readjust in colorthe resistance to change in volumethe resistance to adjust in shapeThe shear modulus steps _____________ . the resistance to circulation of a liquidthe resistance to change in shapethe resistance to change in volume of a liquidthe resistance to change in volume of a solidIf only thickness increases through increasing depth within the Planet, the velocity of a P wave need to ___________ .stay the sameincreasedecreaseIf a P wave were to go from a solid to a liquid - what would happen to itsvelocity?continue to be the sameincreasedecrease to 0.0decrease If an S wave were to go from a solid to a liquid - what would certainly take place to its velocity?stay the sameincreasedecrease to 0.0decreaseWhich boundary marks a adjust from 100% solid to 100% liquid?mantle ... outer corelithosphere ... asthenospherecrust ... mantlenone of theseBody waves consist of the:P waves onlyS waves onlyP and also S wavesSurface wavesWith boosting take a trip time the difference in arrival times in between the P and the S waves _________ increasesdecreasesremains constantnone of the aboveEarthquake A has actually a Richter magnitude of 7 as compared with earthquake B"s 6.

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The amount of ground activity is one measure of earthquake intensity.A is 10X even more intense than BA is 1000 more intense than BRichter magnitude does not meacertain intensityB is 0.01X as intense than AIn general, the most damaging earthquake waves are the __________ . P wavesS wavesSurconfront wavesQ wavesWright here is the emphasis through respect to the epicenter:straight below the epicenterstraight above the epicenterin the P wave shadow zonein the S wave shadow zone
Point A, wbelow slip initiated throughout the earthquake, is referred to as the ________.dipepicenterfocusscarpPoint B is dubbed the earthquake ________.dipepicenterfocusscarpPoint C is referred to as the _________epicenterfault scarpseismic wavedip of the earthquakeWhat type of faulting is shown in this diagram?normalreversethrustabnormal
What reasons the up-and-dvery own wiggles on the seismogram display above?variations in air pressureground vibrationstsunami waveselectromagnetic pulsesWhich collection of waves are most likely the surface waves?ABCThey are all surconfront wavesWhich collection of waves are the P waves?ABCThey are all P wavesWhich set of waves are the S waves?ABCThey are all S wavesThe distinction in arrival times in between which pair of waves deserve to be offered to determine the distance to the epicenter?A and CA and also BNamong the aboveHow carry out rock pwrite-ups relocate in the time of the passage of a P wave via the rock?ago and also forth parallel to the direction of wave travelperpendicular to the direction of wave travelin a rolling elliptical motionin a rolling circular motionHow carry out rock particles relocate throughout the passage of a S wave via the rock?back and forth parallel to the direction of wave travelperpendicular to the direction of wave travelin a rolling elliptical motionin a rolling circular motionWho arisen the procedure used to measure the size of an earthquake?Charles RichterEdward SheridanJames HuttonArt SmithThe minute magnitude of an earthquake counts on all of the adhering to except __.the location of the fault breakthe rigidity of the faultthe slip on the faultthe form of faultingWhich of the adhering to measures an earthquake"s intensity based upon the observed effects on people and structures?Richter scaleModified Mercalli scalethe Centigrade scalethe moment magnitude scaleShallow earthquakes, much less than 20 km deep, are associated via _______.convergent plate boundariesdivergent plate boundariestransdevelop plate boundariesall of theseWhat type of faulting would certainly be most most likely to take place along transdevelop faults?normal faultingreverse faultingstrike-slip faultingevery one of these
What form of earthquakes would certainly many likely take place at point A?shallow-emphasis earthquakes caused by normal faultingshallow-emphasis earthquakes led to by strike-slip faultingshallow-focus earthquakes led to by thrust faultingdeep-focus earthquakes resulted in by thrust faultingWhat kind of earthquakes would certainly the majority of most likely happen at point B?shallow-emphasis earthquakes caused by normal faultingshallow-focus earthquakes caused by strike-slip faultingshallow-focus earthquakes brought about by thrust faultingdeep-emphasis earthquakes brought about by thrust faultingWhich of the adhering to did not occur at a plate boundary?New Madrid, Missouri, 1812San Francisco, 1906Anchorage, Alaska, 1964Loma Prieta, California, 1989Which of the complying with can be prompted by an earthquake?tsunamiintense ground shakinga landslideall of theseWhich of the following can cause a tsunami?undersea earthquakesundersea landslidesthe eruption of an oceanic volcanoevery one of theseWhich of the adhering to waves is the slowest?P wavesS wavesSurconfront wavestsunamiWhich of the following statements is false?Many earthquakes take place at plate boundariesThe time and also place of a lot of significant earthquakes deserve to be predicted a number of days in advanceEarthquakes can be brought about by normal, reverse and also strike-slip faultingP waves take a trip quicker than both S waves and also Surconfront wavesWhich of the complying with monitorings may suggest a forthcoming terrible earthquake?An boost in the frequency of smaller earthquakes in the regionquick tilting of the groundfast transforms in water levels in wellsall of theseWhich of the complying with statements finest describes the state of earthquake prediction?researchers have the right to accurately predict the moment and location of virtually all earthquakesresearchers can accurately predict the time and also location of around 50% of all earthquakesresearchers have the right to accurately predict as soon as an earthquake will occur, but not whereresearchers deserve to characterize the seismic risk of an area, however deserve to not yet accurately predict many earthquakesTry These Fill Ins
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