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once determining if specific items will certainly count in a country's GDP or a few points you want to look out for. So, initially of all, what is GDP is the financial value of all finimelted products and services that a nation produces. Finish borders in a provided period of time, so that's a mouthful. So what's unpacking of it? So initially, a huge one finished goods and solutions. So that indicates it's the last product that say you're buying or providers buying thio use. Uh uh, it's worth area. Um, So, for example, if you buy, if I am a automobile agency on, I buy a wheel created from an additional, uh, manufacturing plant to put in my automobile. The wheel doesn't count in GDP on Lee the Finnish auto, bereason you don't desire to double count items ideal so the wheel will certainly be consisted of in the price of the Finnish car on then. Another point to look out for is that monetary transfers don't include anypoint of worth to the economic situation. Right currently, there's nothing physical items or service wise that we deserve to account for, so those things also don't count in GDP. So if we look at the's on use these principles the initially one buying a new sweater. So it's a finiburned good. I'm buying it from the store and its new ideal s. So it's a new point that was just added to the value of my economic situation this day. So that does count in GDP. So I'll put a inspect note next to that receiving a Social Security inspect. So that sounds like a money deliver, right? It's just me getting money or not. It's not producing anypoint in the economic climate right currently. If I usage it to buy somepoint or to make something, then that will certainly count for GDP. But simply a money transfer that does not count. I'm gonna put a neck, uh, gifting $50 to friends. Uh, that likewise does not count GDP, right? That's simply the money carry. It doesn't develop any value in our economic climate selling $1000 worth of stock. Comparable principle, not component of GDP, because it's just delivering money about right. When the company that provides your stock money, Thio Investor, produced brand-new assets about bookkeeping GDP. But simply the transfers carry out not count because I haven't produced any kind of value. Find a brand-new vehicle that will count GDP ideal, bereason it's brand-new. Eso it wasn't in. It wasn't counted, say, in last year's GDP and then organized for inventory. Right? That wouldn't count bereason that would certainly be double counting. But this is a brand-new car, right? So we can count that in GDP. Find a supplied automobile. This will certainly not count GDP, right? Since this is simply a move of ownership.

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There's no new value being created for our economic situation. Right? So this offered car was already counted in the GDP of the year when the person the original owner bought it right for this does not count in GDP.