Which statement about the lifeformats of nobles is false? they were trained for battle to safeguard their land. they resided in castles through crude furnishings. they had time for leicertain activities and entertainment. they tackled some of the hands-on labor on their fiefs.

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They handled some of the manual labor on their fiefs.


The the aristocracy was made up mainly by the owners of the lands. Within the the aristocracy tright here were different ranks.

The most crucial were the tycoons (marquises, counts and dukes). They were the owners of the great extinctions of lands.

A second rank are the nobles (viscounts, barons, ...) mastered extensions of smaller sized lands.

A 3rd rank was formed by the knights. These, just had a steed and a harness (weapons, armor ...). The knights stayed in a noble of exceptional rank and constituted the individual guard.

The nobles resided in the castle and their main occupation was searching. Often, they waged wars against various other nobles or trained in violent tournaments. Middle ages castles were restricted to a tower surrounded by a wall surface.

1. charles martel 2. split the kingdom into three parts, one for each of louis’ sons3. dispensed justice and looked after the land of their manor but d i also correct4 land also could be offered by the church as a fief.5. he was pro-liberal6. they had actually a affect over global affairs, yet incredibly little manage over neighborhood affairs of the city-claims.7. a custom-mades union8. imposing russian will certainly on various other peoples in the empire10. land

The answer is the first option

They taken on some of the hand-operated labor on their fiefs. ( last choice)

They tackled some of the manual labor on their fiefs.

A (M)b. (E)c. (E.)d. (M)
B. manor dwellings were little and simple they perform not protect as much as a castle
D is the correct answer (:
Throughout the late Center Ages, from the 10th to the 16th centuries, kings and also lords lived in castles. As well as the lord, the lady (his wife), and their family members there were lots of staff. Some were vital officials, such as the consteady who took treatment of the castle as soon as the lord was ameans.

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