Which statement ideal defines the teachings of John Calvin?Calvin taught his followers that salvation might be accomplished through faith, yet not through excellent functions.Calvin taught his followers that human beings essential to follow strict rules to conquer their nature and carry out good.Calvin taught his followers that they could alleviate punishment for their sins by providing generously to the church.Calvin taught his followers that clergymans and popes were closer to God than their churchgoers.

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In the mid-1300s, John Wycliffe wasa critic of the Protestant Church.a reverfinish in the Protestant Church.a critic of the Catholic Church.a priest in the Catholic Church.
Historians believe that Martin Luther announced the Ninety-Five Theses bygiving a speech in a square in a little tvery own.handing churchgoers fliers during a organization.nailing a list to the door of a church in Germany type of.printing his beliefs in a newspaper in Wittenburg.
Who launched the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s?John CalvinHenry VIIIMartin LutherJohn Wycliffe
Why did Henry VIII leave the Catholic Church in the 1500s?He wanted to proccasion the sale of indulgences.He married Anne Boleyn in defiance of the Pope.He drafted a list that criticized church techniques.He translated the Scriptures into Gerguy and also English.
What statement ideal explains the Catholic Church in the time of the Renaissance?The emperors of Europe governed the Catholic Church and dictated its policies and also techniques.The Catholic Church was significantly seen as a corrupt institution via also much power.The Catholic Church mainly stayed separate from European politics and federal government.The people of Europe had little bit contact with the Catholic Church, which had no affect over their resides.
A key idea of Calvinism in the 1500s was thathuman beings are born complimentary from all sins.children must not attfinish spiritual services.just clergymans and also popes need to analyze the Scriptures.some human being are picked prior to birth for salvation.
In the 1500s, exactly how did the Church of England also differ from the Catholic Church? The Church of England incorporated only Protestant ideas, while the Catholic Church incorporated only Catholic beliefs. The Church of England also was led by a monarch, while the Catholic Church was led by a pope. The Church of England also did not incorporate priests as church leaders, while the Catholic Church did have actually priests. The Church of England conducted solutions in Latin, while the Catholic Church carried out services in Germale.
The Ninety-Five Theses referred to as for many recreates, includingdeveloping brand-new denominations.banning the sale of indulgences.enabling only clergymans to forprovide sins.building palaces with church funds.
What duty did Henry VIII play in the Reformation?He led the Redevelopment in Germany.He created the Church of England.He stood trial at the Diet of Worms.He brought recreate to Switzerland.
In the 1500s, John Calvin left France toescape religious persecution.end up being a Catholic priest.interpret the Holy bible into Germale.stand also trial at the Diet of Worms.
In the 1500s, Protestantism was a activity thatestabliburned brand-new church denominations.firmed up support for the Catholic Church.started the sale of indulgences in the church.dubbed for redevelops within the Protestant Church.
How did the Catholic Church respond to the Ninety-Five Theses?It enforced a couple of key recreates from the list.It produced its very own list of recreates and enacted them.It enforced nearly every one of the redevelops from the list.It condemned the list and asked the writer to recant it.
Who launched the Protestant Redevelopment in the 1500s?John CalvinHenry VIIIMartin LutherJohn Wycliffe
A similarity between Henry VIII and also Martin Luther was that bothformed brand-new denominations that spreview throughout Europe.were European majesties that opposed the Catholic Church.were spiritual leaders who tried to change the Catholic Church.were excommunicated from the Catholic Church for their actions.

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Which statement best describes the Book of Common Prayer? The Publication of Common Prayer was a record that establiburned a number of brand-new denominations. The Publication of Typical Prayer was a list of difficulties that criticized the Catholic Church. The Book of Usual Prayer was a repertoire of rituals and also ceremonies provided in the Church of England also. The Publication of Typical Prayer was a declaration that condemned Martin Luther"s speak to for recreates.
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