Solutions of well-known concentration deserve to beprepared either by disresolving a recognized mass of solute in a solvent and also diluting to a preferred final volume or by diluting theappropriate volume of a more concentratedsolution (a stocksolution) to the preferred final volume.

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The solution prepared by Jennifer:


An experiment in chm 2045 requires students to prepare a 1.0 m aqueous solution of potassium phosphate.

Jennifer fills a 1.0 liter volumetric flask to the calibration line via water. She then weighs out 212.3 g of potassium phosphate and adds it to the volumetric flask.

Joe weighs out 212.3 g of potassium phosphate and adds it to a 1.0 liter volumetric flask. He then fills the volumetric flask to the calibration line with water.

Which student has properly all set a 1.0 m aqueous solution of potassium phosphate?

a) Jennifer

b) both

c) Joe

d) neither

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