A few days after Prince was found dead inside an elevator in his Paisley Park house in Minnesota, a video clip of Whitney Houston and also daughter, Bobbi Kristina, partying at one of the legendary musician"s 2011 concerts resurfaced virtual, as reported by Huffington Post.

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The reality that all 3 passed ameans in the last few years provides the video sad and also chilling all at once. Whitney Houston died in 2012, Bobbi Kristina in 2015, and also newly Prince in 2016.

In the short video clip, Whitney and also her then-18-year-old daughter, Bobbi, were watched singing, dancing, and also hugging it out at one of Prince"s concerts in 2011. It was nopoint short of relocating, as you can see in the video the tight emotional bond in between the two as they danced alengthy to Prince"s music.

Gossip website TMZ mutual the emotional video earlier in 2011. On April 22, the video resurfaced by means of Facebook and also spcheck out prefer wildfire. As of this writing, the video has actually been mutual 122,000 times and also counting. Based on the comments, the majority of those who watched the video were profoundly relocated in seeing Whitney and also Bobbi in among their last tender moments together. Needless to say, the reality that Prince simply passed away a few days ago provides the video all the even more relocating, and yes, eerie.

The tragic deaths of both Whitney and also Bobbi made the watching of the video tough for some. It appears like yesterday when Whitney Houston was discovered dead in Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles ago in 2012 at age 48. The coroner ruled that the "Greatest Love of All" singer drowned in the bath, via heart disease and cocaine usage listed as contributory factors.

Kristina"s death was eerily equivalent, as she was discovered confront dvery own and unresponsive in the bath at the Georgia home she mutual with boyfrifinish Nick Gordon, 25, in January, 2015. Bobbi never before regot consciousness, and passed away the day after.

Kristina"s frifinish, Daphne Barak, recounted to Daily Mail exactly how the 22-year-old and Nick sent out her a plea through Twitter telling her to "please come obtain us." Unfortunately, Daphne didn"t pick up the message in time, which is somepoint that tortures her to now.

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The two started recording in February 2014, right on the second anniversary of Houston"s death. In one component of the video, Bobbi talked around her mom in a shaky, emotional voice.

"I miss her choose hell," she sassist throughout the recording. "Once you have met this woguy, you are attached to her forever before. It was her heart, it was her smile, it was her confront. It was the way she talked, it was the method she did points. She was so exceptionally lovable."

Daphne sassist that after the recording, Kristina confessed that she felt prefer she was rushing via life, and that she feared that she"ll end up choose her mommy.

Sadly, Bobbi"s premonition came to be a reality.

Death Casupplied Revealed for Bobbi Kristina Brown, the Daughter of Whitney Houston https://t.co/56FHPhsDG8 pic.twitter.com/bLqw70OsmU

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According to Daphne, Kristina often told her that she wants nothing more in life than to be a component of a normal household, which is something that she had never experienced.

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"I want children through Nick. I am finding out just how to be a woguy and also desire to have a dog, a house and also a career," she told Daphne when.