How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or exactly how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied? (Numbers 11:8)

A curse causemuch less cannot come! (Psalm 26:2) 

A curse is the opposite of a blessing (great fortune, success or wellness.)  It is a prayer or an appeal for evil against your life, family members, business or minisattempt. Just as God offers prophets to speak words of blessings, the adversary deserve to additionally usage evil or wicked world, “false prophets”, witches or various other ungodly guys operating in spirits of hatred, jealousy, envy and greed to speak demonic curses over your life. Every spoken word with direct pressure carries a level of power, be it negative or positive; someone’s words deserve to either cause you pain or bring you joy. (Proverbs 18:21)

A curse might enter your life via your generational bloodline or by method of witches or wicked, evil civilization that wish to see your life ruined. A curse might even enter your life bereason of your very own involvement in occult techniques, engaging in willful sin or by the enemy, himself, functioning versus your life.

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However before, the curse comes, the ultimate intent is your destruction. As such a curse, acts like a weapon in your life. In Isaiah 54:17, under God’s divine providence, He guarantees that no weapon developed versus you shall be able to prosper. This indicates that you may be able to determine a curse at work-related in your life, your family members or organization however that curse will not have the ability to fulfill the ultimate purpose for which it has come. Just as a lawyer fights and defends on your befifty percent, so does the legal blood of Jesus fight for you, against eextremely curse that seeks to run in your life.

7 And he took up his parable, and said, Balak the king of Moab hath lugged me from Aram, out of the mountains of the east, saying, Come, curse me Jacob, and come, defy Israel.

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8 How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or just how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied? (Numbers 11:7, 8)

In Numbers 11:7, 8, we view the Prophet Balam is approached by King Balak asking him to curse the Children of Israel. Even the Prophet who has the spiroutine authority to declare the Word and also Counsel of the Lord cannot render a curse upon the life of the civilization of God, as soon as God has actually pronounced a command also to bmuch less them. The more the Prophet attempted to curse them the more he spoke a blessing over them. Why? Because God had actually currently blessed them.

As you look in your life, you may be able to recognize demonic cycles, sudden crises or unexplainable hardships or difficulties. As a believer before, these ungodly curses perform not have legal spiroutine right to run in your life. Once you identify a curse at occupational in your life, you can start to break it by taking spiritual authority and engaging in radical, fervent prayer versus it. God has currently blessed you so no curse deserve to destroy you and also tbelow is nothing that your opponents have the right to do around it!