Although this week’s Amerideserve to Horror Story: Hotel at last revealed to John — and also us — the identity of the Ten Commandments Killer, cracking the instance hardly put the unhinged detective in the mood to celebrate. How come? Read on, and I’ll explain…

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR | Understandably upset in the wake of Wren’s death, John made a beeline for the Cortez and demanded that Liz take him to the TCK’s hiding area. “I’ll take him tbelow,” Sally said, then led the detective to Room 64 — the extremely room in which March died. Behind the armoire, John uncovered a 10-case screen of souvenirs from murders old and also current. How could that be? “No serial killer has a 90-year lull,” he detailed. All that time, Sally explained, March had been searching for a successor. And guess what: “It’s you, John. It’s constantly been you.”

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TOTAL RECALL | Utterly wrecked by every one of the gory details that he suddenly remembered, John confessed to Hahn, beginning with 5 years ago — the initially time that he actually collection foot in the Cortez. He’d just been trying to find a drink. Instead, Donovan had ushered him upstairs to fulfill March, who was so impressed by the cop’s “calm indifference” to fatality that he preserved him tright here, swilling absinthe and mentioning his moral outrage for 2 days. Finally, March had actually found a worthy successor… if only John lacked the hope that retained him from going over the edge. His solution? Have The Countess kidnap Holden. That oughta do it. (And, as we understand, did perform it.)

AS TEARS GO BY | Following Holden’s abduction, “5 years went by prefer it was yesterday,” John shelp. And during those 5 years, the just area that he felt any kind of peace was the Cortez. (Hey, misery does love agency.) With time, March showed his protégé to his trophy room and suggested that John free himself of the legislations of male and take on justice. Taking the bait, John murdered pedophile Gamboa via the Osvehicle that the creep was selling. Afterward, John hangedhimself and also would certainly have perished, had actually March not intervened. WTH was Sally doing, just sitting there? the hotelier wanted to recognize. Furious, he reminded her of their “little arrangement” with which she was safeguarded from the Addiction Demon just so long as it was gave with a steady supply of others on which to feed.

HOW ‘LOWE’ CAN YOU GO? | Before lengthy, John was engaged in a torrid affair via Sally (whom he couldn’t ever remember when he was external the hotel); picking up March’s Bible-based hobby; and extending his tracks by making sure that he became the lead detective on the TCK instance. However, his recklessness was an concern. For instance, upon finding out that a worried Alex had had actually coffee through Hahn to talk about her husband’s erraticism, John wanted to off them automatically. And he more than likely would certainly have actually done it, as well, if Sally hadn’t suggested a pair of adulterers that he didn’trecognize as less obvious victims. (Behind eextremely good homicidal maniac, there’s a… ghost junkie?)

ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO | As the hour attracted to a close, John eliminated Hahn for coveting his wife, then returned to the Cortez — for the initially time remembering Sally, Iris and also its totality cast of crazies. Leave, Iris said. You can go, so go — walk away! Rather than follow that cautious advice, John included an eighth item — um, was that Hahn’s johnson? — to his and also March’s collection of murder souvenirs.

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Pleased as punch, March told John that “fatality is your art” and also asked, “What will you perform through your talent?” Commit two even more murders, John replied. Because really, what else couldthe answer have actually been?