Considering that "Pretty Little Liars" opens up with a casket, it’s no surpclimb that many type of personalities have met their death throughout the show’s six seasons. Whether they were fake-outs choose Alichild and also Mona, real-deal deaths prefer Ian (twice), or questionable are-they-or-aren’t-they disappearances favor Maya, there have actually been plenty of grave decisions on the teenager drama.

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As we ultimately head toward this season"s substantial A disclose and also the epic time jump for the Liars, let’s look ago on the 10 personalities that have actually died on "Pretty Little Liars," in order of axing.

Season 1

Ian Thomas

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Long before Alikid came ago from the dead, Ian did. Even though Ali pumelted her former beau off the bell tower in the season 1 finale and he seemed like he was noosed by a rope, his body disappeared. Later, the Liars find him via a bloody head and also a suicide note, however we don’t know specifically which way he died.

Seaboy 2

Maya St. Germain

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In the season 2 finale, Maya was apparently murdered by Lyndon James, that was pretending to be her cousin, Nate. But we never observed a body, males. Emily’s love is most likely still roughly somewright here...

Seakid 3

"Nate St. Germain" (aka Lyndon James)


Lyndon pretfinished to be Maya’s cousin Nate to get close to Emily, yet he was really simply Maya’s stalker. Em had to stab him after he chased her roughly and tried to kill her in a lightresidence.

Garrett Reynolds

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The seachild 3 Halloween episode probably still gives you nightmares, because Garrett was eliminated by A and then Aria was trapped in a wood box via his corpse. We’re all screaming forever.

Seaboy 4

Detective Darren Wilden

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Wilden had actually a fake death in seaboy 4,yet we didn’t find out the reality till the seachild 5 premiere. (We’ll count it as both, OK?) To safeguard Ali, CeCe murdered him. That’s what friends are for, right?

Season 5

Shana Fring

Shana revealed she was part of the A team and also was about to fire some shots at the Liars in NYC prior to Aria whacked her over the head and also eliminated her. That tiny girl is mighty strong.

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Alichild DiLaurentis

Psych! Aliboy wasn"t really dead. She was simply hiding out until seakid 5 after she was pulled out of a grave by Mrs. Grunwald. No substantial deal.

Bethany Young

Bethany type of -- a patient from Radley -- was actually the girl in Ali’s grave, and she was buried alive by Melissa Hastings. Why, you ask? Oh, she simply believed her sister Spencer accidentally killed Alikid and also she wanted to cover up for her.

Jessica DiLaurentis

Mrs. DiLaurentis was hidden alive, simply choose her daughter, however we found out that someone offered her pills to soptimal her heart, too. Whodunnit is still the big question.

Seaboy 6

Mona Vanderwaal

Mona faked her death in season 5, however we didn’t find out she was actually alive until the Liars finished up at Charles’ creepy dollresidence with her. She took vials upon vials of her very own blood to splatter about the crime scene and also was just going to flee, but then Charles gained ahold of her. Classic double-crossing by A.